The Sharpsmart Difference


  • We provide sharps and clinical waste containers designed by clinicians for clinicians! 
  • All containers sanitised through a world-leading robotic washing / decontamination process. 
  • Waste reduction and segregation initiatives reduce costs and improve carbon footprint  
  • Scheduling that supports your practice – you pay only for what you need
  • Eliminate disposal-related needlestick injuries with our advanced sharps safety systems 
  • Eliminate the purchase, incineration costs and landfill of one-time-use disposable containers
  • Local Reliable Service, Local Drivers, Local Treatment. No third parties 


  • Offensive and Infectious Clinical Waste Services 
  • Safe Biohazardous Sharps Disposal 
  • Pharmaceutical Waste Services 
  • Hazardous + Cytotoxic Waste Services 
  • Bespoke Education, Waste Audits and Segregation Training


Sharps and Clinical Waste Management in Plymouth 


The town of Plymouth is just under four hours by train from London and if you’re the type of person who can appreciate a good G&T, it’s well worth the trip. 


Gin is one of Plymouth’s top exports and the experts over at Black Friars Distillery have the process nailed down to a tee. You can head over for a tour and learn about the distillation process, as well as the rich history of the spirit in Plymouth. For a more family-friendly escapade you can’t go past Plymouth’s fantastic National Marine Aquarium. Featuring both local sea critters as well as creatures from international waters, there’s plenty to see and learn about no matter your age. You’ll find yourself bitten by the shopping bug at Drake Circus, a complex named after Plymouth’s former mayor Sir Francis Drake. The sea captain is a well-celebrated icon throughout the town and a statue of him can be found down at the local park, Plymouth Hoe. The park also plays host to the beautiful lighthouse Smeaton's Tower, a memorial to celebrated designer John Smeaton. Climb to the top for an incredible view of the stunning coastline!

Hop on a boat, more specifically a water taxi to visit Royal William Yard for a scenic trip. If you’re by the water already, you also may as well visit the Mayflower Steps Memorial and see where the legendary Mayflower first set sail from England’s shores in 1620. Brimming with adventures from seafaring to sea creatures, it’s no surprise that healthcare is an essential part of keeping up with the Plymothians daily lives.


Delivering clinically-focused sharps and cytotoxic waste services to Plymouth healthcare facilities

Clinical Waste management is one of the essential service pillars of healthcare, and Sharpsmart has been proud to call Devon its home for over 15 years, partnering with Plymouth healthcare facilities in providing local sharps and pharmaceutical waste management.

When you think of a service provider there’s always a few non-negotiables that you’re looking for – service excellence, reliability, flexibility, honest and transparent pricing, and ultimately – expertise. You want someone who knows what they’re doing so that they can mitigate your risk, particularly in an industry as highly regulated as clinical and pharmaceutical waste management. Sharpsmart’s expertise has been tried and tested across its 30+ year history and today is positioned as one of the most credible and reliable healthcare service providers in the world. With safety engineered containment systems, environmentally responsible treatment, and the most advanced robotic washing and sanitisation system in the industry, Sharpsmart has perfected its clinical waste management services to perfectly compliment the safety and sustainability goals of British healthcare facilities.


Plymouth clinical waste management… we know a thing or two…

We know bin colours, waste stream types and changing regulations can make clinical waste management a confusing area to navigate. Whether it’s distinguishing if a medication should be disposed of as a pharmaceutical waste or treated as a controlled substance, or defining infectious vs non-infectious clinical waste, a lot of pressure is put on clinicians to “put it in the right bin” to be compliant. As an expert in this space, our goal is to make it simple to understand and even more simple to execute safely and compliantly. Let’s start with the basic waste streams we manage:

  • Sharps, offensive waste and clinical waste
  • Pharmaceutical waste and medications disposal
  • Cytotoxic waste for cancer centres
  • Amalgam, mercury and spill kits for dentists
  • GMO, anatomical and chemical waste for laboratories
  • Total waste management for hospitals (yes… we manage it all!) 


We ensure frontline clinical staff are trained and educated properly in healthcare waste handling and disposal

It may sound like a no-brainer, but education is paramount to not only handling high risk waste streams compliantly, but also in driving better segregation, reducing clinical waste volumes and lowering costs. At Sharpsmart, we work with healthcare facilities (big and small) across the UK to develop custom training material that drives facility-level clinical and sustainability results and focuses clinical staff back on patient care. Our blended learning approach is designed to:

  • Provide education for clinicians, portering and administrative staff
  • Suit all learning styles
  • Be customised to the waste types handled at the facility
  • Provide seamless messaging across posters, training and labels  
  • Enable waste categorisation at the point of waste generation

Don’t just hear it from us, here’s what our customers say…

“The Sharpsmart education programme at Chesterfield Royal Hospital has been well-received, utilized by point-of-care staff, and validated in the Learner Management System. The system has delivered 100% pass rates for the 1,467 healthcare workers who have logged into the system”

Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust



Take your clinical waste management to the next level 

With proven results serving hospitals and primary care facilities in Plymouth over the last 15+ years, we know we can transform your healthcare waste management. 

At Sharpsmart, we are passionate about bringing healthcare waste management into the modern era with safety-engineered containment systems, world-leading robotic washing systems, and solutions that look like they should belong in a clinical environment, goodbye dirty dusty bins!!! Whether you are looking for clinical waste management solutions for a hospital, a dental clinic, a nursing home or needle exchange centre, here’s our commitment to you:

  • You will get to meet our incredible team (they are amazing!)
  • You will deliver waste container sizes, pickup frequencies and pricing that is aligned with your facility’s needs
  • We will together make a massive impact on the environment with our reusable systems and sustainable treatment
  • We will hold ourselves accountable to results, no empty promises.


Sharpsmart understands the needs of healthcare facilities in Plymouth.
Contact us and see how we can help your facility better manage your sharps, clinical and pharmaceutical waste disposal.


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We service locally.


While Sharpsmart started as “that little yellow sharps container company”, we have quickly proven our ability in managing the collection and disposal of all healthcare waste streams with non-incineration treatment technologies that put environment needs first. We’re changing the game of clinical waste management in the United Kingdom… it’s long overdue! With a national service infrastructure that reaches from Newcastle to Penzance, we are committed to delivering timely and clinically-focused healthcare waste management services that empowers the education of frontline clinical staff and the compliance confidence of managing high risk wastes in a regulated manner.

Local service is our highest priority, ensuring that the healthcare facilities we partner with are supported by knowledgeable and reliable experts, and that we are able to achieve quality and  efficiency through every aspect of our service partnership. From site assessments, to container types and sizes, staff education, storage optimisation, waste segregation audits and  scheduled waste pickups all the way through to waste destruction… we are committed to a seamless customer experience.