Tracsmart Waste Tracking

Location of containers and movement of waste throughout a healthcare facility has a direct impact on labour, patient interruption and efficiency-derived costs. We see both of these factors as an important consideration in effective healthcare waste management, which is why we developed Tracsmart.


Waste tracking is not a commonly offered service in the healthcare waste arena. Why? Because it offers transparency, and brings to light the myth and mystery of what was previously closely controlled by a waste disposal company. At Sharpsmart, we are passionate about making sure our customers are informed decision-makers in the way they manage the safety, process and environmental considerations of their healthcare waste management “within the four walls of their facility”. We bring the data home.




The Tracsmart process

Waste Management is more than a system, a container or a ‘back of compound’ waste pickup schedule – it is a partnership.


Reading through our website you will see a lot of references to “working within the four walls”, and Tracsmart is one vital component of this. We are not a company that sits on the sidelines and gives commentary without understanding what’s happening on the field. Our insights, recommendations and KPI’s for continuous improvement are derived from real-time analysis of your staff, waste movement, segregation processes and container fill methodologies. We want to partner with you to deliver optimum outcomes across the full spectrum of healthcare needs – safety, efficiency, compliance, education and sustainability.