Cytotoxic Waste Disposal Range

Whether in a bulk liquid aqueous form or trace residue, cytostatic substances are harmful to humans and the environment and need to be managed with strict clinical oversight. Our reusable Cytotoxic containers deliver the industry's first "no touch" cytotoxic waste disposal solution designed to minimise infection risk, protect staff in the disposal of drug contaminated sharps, IV bags, tubing and PPE, and significantly reduce plastic waste and costs from the cytotxic waste stream. 

A standard disposable cytotoxic bin system typically requires 7 touches! From container assembly to disposal into secondary packaging for transport, it encounters unnecessary risk, costs in staff labour and, through spill-risk and hand-required operation, exposes the potential for cross-contamination. Our Containers provides: 

  • Handsfree operation reducing any potential infection transfer risk
  • Mobile systems allow the containers to be as close as possible to the point of generation
  • Reusability eliminates labour required to assemble and package for transportation and the risk to staff
  • Dual containers provide on the spot segregation of PPE and Sharps, reducing risk for staff disposing of the waste
  • Each reusable container saves 500+ disposable plastic containers from landfill 
  • Eliminates the cost of disposable container purchases





Sharpsmart's Cytotoxic containers protect users not only in waste disposal, but also in
the labour and manual handling associated with single-use containers, efficiencies include: 


Eliminate time, labour and risk associated with disposable containers, liner and box assembly. Sharpsmarts’ accessories facilitate hands-free use, eliminating contamination risk.  


The cytotoxic containers are DOT compliant with a PG2 rating. No internal liners, bagging, boxing or secondary packaging is required.


Eliminate purchase of disposable containers, bags and outer packaging. The cytotoxic containers have saved facilities in excess of 30% savings in packaging spend. 


The cytotoxic containers are designed with inpenetrable ABS plastic and fitted with a gasket, lock and seal to ensure secure closure and leakproof protection in all orientations.

Reduce Plastic, Reduce Costs

In every disposable container, approximately 33% of its total volume when full is plastic from the container itself! With our containers this means you will:  

1. No longer be sending 33% of each container’s plastic volume to landfill 
2. No longer pay for disposal of 33% additional volume
3. No longer pay for outer packaging, procurement or container disposal costs

We place Safety First.

Founded as a safety innovation company, our touchless containers and risk-minimising innovation has radically shaped hospital waste management across some of the world's leading healthcare brands. Led by science with products designed in partnership with clinicians - Sharpsmart containers lead the world in best practice waste containment.