Waste Disposal

Clinical waste solutions driven by safety


Sharpsmart has created first-class solutions to manage clinical waste disposal with methods that optimise safety and drive waste volume and cost reductions. 

Given the potential infectious nature of clinical waste, stringent regulations govern its collection, transport and disposal. With over 30 years of experience in healthcare, Sharpsmart has the solutions, licensing and compliance expertise to protect the safety risk exposure and regulatory responsibilities of healthcare facilities in the total management of clinical waste. 


Clinical Waste Management is more than an orange bag

Sharpsmart puts safety first when developing a total waste management plan which is why our clinical waste solutions aim to provide disposal of clinical waste at the point-of-use. By providing point-of-use disposal, risk of infection transfer is minimised while waste segregation is optimised. We have found that if the correct bags or containers are not easily accessible, waste is often incorrectly segregated. Our leading solutions to provide this are our Sharpsmart reusable sharps containers, Clinismart containers, and our Bag to Bedside System; all designed to achieve safety for clinicians and cost and environmental efficiency for healthcare facilities. 


Education and Clinical Waste Optimisation 

A successful clinical waste programme is not merely a "better container" or "more frequent pickups", it hinges on staff being educated, correct placement of bins, point-of-use disposal and continual improvement outworked through a waste management partnership. One of the tools we use to monitor and continously improvement waste efficiency outcomes is our Auditsmart KPI Management. Through bin and location audits we verify container efficiency, waste segregation accuracy, and fill levels, and use the data to provide reporting on clear actionable changes your facility can make to drive greater compliance, segregation, labour utilisation and cost reductions in your healthcare waste streams. To support clinical staff, we also offer a mobile waste verification tool that supports staff in identifying 'which waste goes where' at the touch of a screen. Across the life cycle of clinical waste, Sharpsmart are committed to delivering the safest, most sustainable and most cost effective solutions. 


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Clinical Waste Management | What Sharpsmart will deliver


Treatment and disposal of all sharps and clinical waste streams including Category A waste (e.g. Ebola waste)


Drive up to 50% reduction in clinical waste volumes through our innovative Bag-to-Bedside system, waste audits and online Verify waste categorisation tool 


Our clinically engineered containers are designed with air-lock seals that minimise odours and prevent leaking, spillage and cross-contamination.


Our mobile cart and foot pedal operated accessories enable point-of-generation waste disposal, improving segregation outcomes and minimising occupational risks. 


Through reusable containers, effective waste diversion, energy-efficiency transport and washing technologies, and green treatment methods, we can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint. 


We don't take risks with patient and staff safety, all Sharpsmart solutions deliver the highest standards of staff safety, environmental and regulatory compliance. Your staff are protected. 

"Over and above service..."

We are more than happy to work with Sharpsmart. Nothing is a problem and this was recently demonstrated when one of our terminally ill patients wanted to be treated at home. We could not have done this without Sharpsmart who provided us with the necessary equipment, out of hours so the patient could have their wish list. 

Steve Bell, Waste Manager

James Cook University Hospital

"Sharpsmart's impact on efficiency..."

NCUH has been working with Sharpsmart for a number of years and have found the service to be first class. The information received about each product, along with savings made , have been great. Staff have been outstanding in assisting us with any issues we have had and resolving in the quickest time

Nicola Little, Transport Services Officer

North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust

"Reduces our footprint..."

The reason why we chose to use the Sharpsmart sharps container was due to the sustainability issues of being able to recycle the actual sharps bin rather than incinerating them and causing more issues with carbon footprint.

June Ayre, Infection Control Matron

George Eliot Hospital

"I would recommend Sharpsmart..."

We have used Sharpsmart's reusable sharps containers since 2004 and have always been given a great service. We have just engaged Sharpsmart for total waste management and are hoping to showcase the Trust for the sustainable waste management practices we have achieved in partnership with Sharpsmart.

Steve Bell, Waste Manager

James Cook University Hospital

"Sharpsmart goes above and beyond..."

Sharpsmart have been a supplier to the Walton Centre since 2010 and over my 24 years in the NHS I have witnessed when contractors provide a service which meets the specification. That is great, however with Sharpsmart - the team go above and beyond. 

Paula Bamber, Head of Procurement

The Walton Centre