Needle Exchange Solutions 

Safe and Reliable Sharps Exchange Services 


With over 30 years’ experience in healthcare, Sharpsmart offers the safest sharps disposal products and solutions for needle exchange services. With products designed to securely protect the public from unnecessary exposure to used sharps, and services carried out by experienced technicians, Sharpsmart puts public safety first. 



When we talk about sharps disposal, we're on our A-Game!

Local Authorities across the UK utilise a network of pharmacies, and occasionally GPs, to provide safe needle exchange services to the public. These services provide sterile injecting equipment and a safe disposal site to prevent the spread of infection or risk of injury. Sharpsmart can provide innovative and safe reusable sharps containers for collection and servicing of sharps waste whilst complying with HTM 07-01, EPR 5.07 and the carriage of dangerous goods (ADR) regulations. 


You may be wondering how our process with needle exchange services work – it’s pretty simple! We start by understanding how your specific needle exchange service operates, and from there, we develop a full solution plan combining product, service, and training that meets your facility's needs and service frequency. We can offer two options for Needle Exchange Centers which can be exchanged at a frequency suitable to your facility:

  • Our industry-leading 14, 22 and 32Litre Sharpsmart reusable sharps containment system
  • 1-4Litre Single use needle containers


We know that needle exchange is a high-risk waste stream that is highly regulated, and we want to protect you with the safest options. The Sharpsmart reusable sharps container is clinically-designed and proven to be the safest sharps container on the market. Not only does this container minimise risk of infection and reduce single-use plastics going to landfill, it is also in compliance with ISO 23907 regarding sharps injury prevention. The Sharpsmart container is designed with impenetrable plastic, a leakproof seal, and both temporary and permanent locks. When it comes to needle exchange services – choose Sharpsmart for our radically safe innovation and service

In addition to our sharps management service, we work work you to create a bespoke blended-learning education package designed to drive compliance, segregation and cost outcomes; an act of service that sets us apart from other waste management companies.


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"Exceptional Training..."

For a number of years I have had the pleasure of having Sharpsmart as a service provider and throughout the years I have been impressed with their commitment to customer service. We have not only been the recipient of good quality service, our staff have been provided exceptional training by informative and dedicated staff. Our questions and issues are always addressed in a timely manner and the team at Sharpsmart have always gone above and beyond our expectations.

Catherine Lockwood, Manager – Customer Support Services

Joseph Brant Hospital

"Good Value for Money..."

We've used Sharpsmart for over four years - their products & services are excellent and good value for money.

Clare Topping, Energy & Sustainability Manager

Northampton General Hospital

"Reduced Clinical waste by 58%..."

From switching over to the Sharpsmart system: in a 12-month period, we reduced our clinical waste by 58%. That in turn saved our organisation nearly £7,500 

Steve Egbert, CHESP, General Manager

Sodexo, Crittenton Hospital Medical Center

"We can count on Sharpsmart..."

Implementation, staff education and after sales service is of high quality. We can count on experienced staff to address any situation we encounter.

Solange Arseneau, New Product Coordinator

Vitalite Healthcare

"Reducing Needlestick Injuries by 50%..."

The Sharpsmart program has been extremely successful in reducing our needlestick injuries by 50% and their service capability can’t be beat. We are a two hospital system and have enjoyed our decision and their success and will continue to use them.

Paula J Fasick, Director of Materials Management

Upper Chesapeake Health