Our Service Map

Sharpsmarts' Service Footprint for Clinical Waste Management Services 

Leading innovation across the UK's clinical waste management landscape, Sharpsmart has the second largest service footprint in the United Kingdom and is proud to offer our leading sharps, pharmaceutical, cytotoxic and clinical waste containment solutions across all major cities in England. Below you will find some of the locations we service and how we maintain local focus, service excellence, and change-management in safety, sustainability and waste reduction across every facility we work with. 

Barnet  |  Bath  |  Birmingham  |  Bradford  |  Brighton  |  Bristol  |  Bromley  |  Cambridge  |  Cardiff  |  Coventry 

Croydon  |  Derby  |  Ealing  |  Enfield  |  Leeds  |  Leicester  |  Liverpool  |  London  |  Luton  |  Manchester   

Middlesbrough  |  Milton Keynes  |  Newcastle  |  Nottingham  |  Oxford  |  Plymouth  |  Reading  |  Sheffield

Southampton  |  St Albans  |   Stoke-on-Trent  |  Sunderland  |  York 



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