The Sharpsmart Difference


  • We provide sharps and clinical waste containers designed by clinicians for clinicians! 
  • All containers sanitised through a world-leading robotic washing / decontamination process. 
  • Waste reduction and segregation initiatives reduce costs and improve carbon footprint  
  • Scheduling that supports your practice – you pay only for what you need
  • Eliminate disposal-related needlestick injuries with our advanced sharps safety systems 
  • Eliminate the purchase, incineration costs and landfill of one-time-use disposable containers
  • Local Reliable Service, Local Drivers, Local Treatment. No third parties 


  • Offensive and Infectious Clinical Waste Services 
  • Safe Biohazardous Sharps Disposal 
  • Pharmaceutical Waste Services 
  • Hazardous + Cytotoxic Waste Services 
  • Bespoke Education, Waste Audits and Segregation Training


Sharps and Clinical Waste Management in Preston


The city that’s built on almost 1000 years of history! Preston is perched on the River Ribble in the Lancashire district, its name deriving from the Old English meaning of “Priest’s Town”.


From the Romans and Vikings, it was a market town which was granted a Guild Merchant charter in 1179, leading to the famous Preston Guild celebrations that still take place every 20 years.

During the 19th century’s Industrial Revolution, the Georgian town boomed with electric works, printing presses and cotton mills exporting their cloth around the globe. Preston is said to have inspired the Charles Dickens novel “Hard Times” after he visited during “The Great Lockout” and the Suffrage movement links to 2 local Prestonians Edith Rigby and Patti Mayor who were extremely active in the protests.

Today Preston has plenty to see and do in homage to both the old and new. Take a trip back in time with a visit to the Harris Museum and Art Gallery, this iconic building has plenty to see inside and out or hop aboard a heritage steam train at Ribble Steam Railway. Visit “The Cenotaph” a stunning Grade I listed structure or revel in front of the church with England’s tallest spire – St Walburge which opened in 1854.

Discover the city on foot as you meander through lush gardens like Winckley Square, Avenham and Miller Parks and Moore Park, the city’s largest and oldest park that happens to be right near Deepdale Stadium home of Preston North End FC. Football fans come from all around to visit what is recognised as the oldest football stadium in the world, opening in 1875.

It’s not hard to see why they call this patch ‘Proud Preston,’ a bustling city with a unique heritage and commitment to healthcare.



Infection Control and Clinical Waste go Hand in Hand

When it comes to infectious waste and hazardous pharmaceutical waste handling, it’s important to have a trusted provider of healthcare waste services that can provide safety and full service confidence in clinical waste handling, transport and disposal. In Preston, we are that provider! 

If we were to examine the current challenges with clinical waste management in the UK today, there are three fundamental concerns: 1. Not safe enough, there is a lack of clinical priority in the way we handle clinical waste and pharmaceuticals and the number of times that waste is touched leaving room for cross-contamination. 2. Not simple enough, it is just too complex to handle clinical waste streams safely, move efficiently and segregate properly, and 3. It is falling far short of acceptable benchmarks of environmental responsibility. These three oversights lead to risk exposure of healthcare workers and patients, avoidable environmental burden, and cost blow-outs with needlestick injuries, occupational risk and over-segregated waste.


Sharpsmart entered the market 20 years ago with a singular vision – safety for healthcare workers. Nothing more, nothing less. Since 2000, we have absolutely achieved this, and more, and we’re still passionately innovating forward to continually raise the bar. Our differentiated model has tackled the following issues in clinical waste management:


  • Introduced the safest sharps, clinical and pharmaceutical containers into UK healthcare – peer reviewed in countless medical journals and accredited across some of the largest healthcare systems in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.
  • Containers, Positioning and Accessories that minimise touch – Less touches = less risk of injury, contamination or infection transmission.
  • Washing, Decontamination and Sanitisation with high microbiol load reduction  – Sharpsmart has patented its own robotic washing system for sharps and clinical waste containers that achieves the highest decontamination standard in the industry.
  • Established our ‘Bag to Bedside’ system – a simple and scalable waste segregation model for hospitals that has saved NHS facilities hundreds of thousands of dollars in the diversion of general waste away from clinical waste streams.
  • Delivered a streamlined cradle to grave waste model – in essence, a 360degree provider of every touchpoint of the waste journey. From waste audits, waste journey mapping and KPI setting through to waste pickup services, manifesting, treatment and disposal.
  • Delivered some serious environmental results!!! – We’re very proud of our green awards and recognition for leading the waste industry in sustainability achievements. (stalk our awards here)  


Leading waste management for Preston Primary Care Facilities, Pharmacies and Hospitals   

From nursing homes to cancer centres and multi site hospitals, Sharpsmart is the leading clinical vendor for healthcare waste services in the United Kingdom, and we’re not only passionate about delivering the safest and most sustainable solutions – but also in providing a differentiated service model that puts our customer needs first. Whether this is bespoke education, creating a waste plan or structuring a service schedule tailored to the unique waste types and volumes of a facility – we do not adopt a “one size fits all” approach.

Some of the waste streams we manage include:  

  • Sharps waste
  • Offensive and Clinical Waste
  • Cytotoxic Waste
  • Pharmaceutical Waste
  • Anatomical Waste
  • Dental Waste
  • Metal Recycling
  • Chemical and Radioactive Waste
  • Confidential and WEE waste



Infectious or clinical waste? Yellow vs Orange Bag? Sharpsmart makes healthcare waste segregation simple.

For a clinician where patient care is their foremost priority, it’s sometimes a distraction to have to stop and think what colour bin waste needs to be disposed of. We understand! But we also understand that the cost of poor waste segregation is high – for human risk, for disposal costs, and for the impact on our environmental… so we work with you to navigate a model that achieves both the highest standard of patient care AND responsible waste segregation. Some of the tools we provide healthcare facilities to drive waste management outcomes include:

  • Training and Education / bespoke online and printed materials that speak to the needs of your facility
  • Online waste verification / a mobile app that makes waste disposal easy ‘on the go’!
  • Auditsmart / our waste auditing program that identifies gaps and required corrective action
  • Reusable containers / eliminating thousands of kilos of plastic landfill each year
  • Bag to Bedside / colour-coded point-of-use disposal program that works
  • Vacsmart Shrinkage / reduces waste volume by up to 80%



Sharpsmart understands the needs of healthcare facilities in Preston.
Contact us and see how we can help your facility better manage your sharps, clinical and pharmaceutical waste disposal.


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We service locally.


To ensure service reliability and expert local knowledge, Preston primary care facilities, nursing homes and hospitals rely a local partner who is intimately familiar with their healthcare waste management needs. For over 15 years, Sharpsmart has proven to be the local partner that provides not only the safest containers and infection-risk-minimisation solutions for clinical waste, but also the most advanced washing and sanitisation technology. Our robotic decontamination process cleans to a microbial kill of 106 log while dramatically reducing the number of single-use sharps container going to landfill.


As a family-owned business, we’re not only passionate about providing safe and compliant solutions that support healthcare – but also delivering a high standard of care through a team that is genuinely passionate about what we do. Our clean processing plant is located in Stoke (just an hour down the M6) with some of the industry’s best at the helm leading the charge on compliance, responsible logistics, supply chain and sustainable treatment. Learn more about our Green Operations here.