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Flexible, affordable and customised. Healthcare training solutions designed to release time to care. 

Are you looking to develop education within your facility, but don’t have the time for lengthy day-courses, expertise to develop custom education material, or a larger-than-life budget to fund expensive training sessions?



Sharpsmart pivots all of its segregation, waste minimisation, safety and infection control outcomes on education. The success of any healthcare waste management programme relies on a single set of imperatives: clinical staff cognition, competency and understanding. At Sharpsmart we work with hospitals and healthcare facilities across the United Kingdom to develop custom multi-disciplinary training and education material that drives facility-level clinical and sustainability results. and enables your staff to focus on patient care.

Working within the four walls of healthcare facilities, we employ a blended learning approach that is designed by medical professionals to provide education for all roles (clinicians, portering and administrative staff), all learning styles (after all, each person learns differently!) and utilising multiple platforms to ensure training touches every person regardless of their role, location or accessibility to a computer.


Sharpsmart’s multi-faceted approach includes:


Face-to-face training to all clinical and portering staff across all shifts


Segregation posters customised to a facility’s normal and predictable types of waste


SOPs and posters that ensure correct behaviour at the point of waste generation


Segregation labels on bag holders that pictorially show ‘what wastes go where’


Comprehensive suite of training modules via our online e-learning program


Online VERIFY program that delivers mobile profiling of waste and correct disposal methodologies

"100% education pass rates..."

The Sharpsmart education programme at Chesterfield Royal Hospital has been well-received, utilised by point-of-care staff, and validated in the Learner Management System. The system has delivered 100% pass rates for the 1,467 healthcare workers who have logged into the system.

Chesterfield Royal Hospital NHS Foundation Trust 

Our education offerings have been developed to ensure easy usability; if it’s not simple enough for everyone to understand… quite honestly, it won’t work!


Our online systems are created for every-level user with no technical knowledge required, and our posters and printed material are designed with images to ensure that ‘at a glance’ correct segregation can be identified. Offering a flexible subscription pricing model, a needs-based analysis, and brand-customisable training interface, we do everything we can to ensure that training and education outcomes are directly reflective of your facility’s needs and values. Key themes built into our E-learning platform include: 

  • Self-Paced Learning | Our E-Learning enables students and trainers to match content to clinical case load ensuring that theory is reinforced by practice. 
  • Concise and Bite Size | Training modules are kept to a time limit to ensure that the attention of the student is maintained during the program.
  • Simple to Understand | Content is targeted at an appropriate standard to ensure understanding at every learning level.
  • Retention Testing | Quizzes at the end of each module ensure that the participants have absorbed the content. 
  • Management Reporting | Access to reports against various agreed metrics such as number of people tested, successful completion, questions not answered, etc.


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