Our Global Locations


Founded in Australia in 1986, Sharpsmart is now strongly established in six countries with a service model scalable to all sized healthcare facilities. Governed by local, regional and national regulators and industry norms in each country we operate, Sharpsmart have forged a strong credible name in healthcare throughout the United Kingdom, North America, Australia and South Africa for its innovative products, seamless service solutions, and safety/infection risk reduction focus.

“The 'Why' of Sharpsmart is a human-centred cause. It is to protect patients and healthcare workers, to save lives, and reduce the human and environmental risks associated with healthcare”

Dan Daniels

Our vision is not confined by geographical boundaries. We believe that healthcare safety is a global imperative, and that our journey is just beginning. To reach out to one of our global head offices for local support, please find direct contact details below. Please note that in all countries aside from the United Kingdom, Sharpsmart operates under the global brand 'Daniels Health'. (not to be confused with Daniels Healthcare UK): 


Sharpsmart UK

Unit 1 Enterprise City
Meadowfield Avenue, Spennymoor
Durham DL16 6JF
Phone: +44 138 8810 310
Fax: +44 138 8814 334



Daniels Health Canada

52 Bramsteele Rd.
Unit 8 Brampton Ontario, L6W 3M5
Phone: +1 905 793 2966
Fax: +1 905 793 2956



Daniels Health USA

111 W. Jackson Blvd Suite 1900
Chicago, IL 60604  
Phone: +1 888 952 5580  
Fax: +1 312 546 8950  



Daniels Sharpsmart Compass (Pty) Ltd

8 Langford Road Westville 3629
P O Box 1690 Westville 3630
Phone: +27 31 267 9700
Fax: +27 31 267 9732



Daniels Corporation International 

34 Cahill Street
Dandenong South
Victoria, Australia 3175



Some interesting facts...

Want to understand more about our global impact? Here are a few interesting stats about our global operations:

  • Founded in 1986, Sharpsmart is one of the oldest and most influential clinical safety innovation companies in the world
  • Sharpsmart pioneered the first reusable sharps containment system in Australia in 1986
  • It is estimated since the year 2000, that our Sharpsmart sharps containment system has saved more than 22,000 healthcare workers from needlestick injuries
  • Sharpsmart services over 40,000 locations per year and has over 50 plants and transfer stations
  • Each year, over 4.6 million containers are processed through Sharpsmart's robotic washing technology.
  • Our reusable systems divert over 2000 tons of plastic from landfill each year
  • The cost savings attributed to injury reduction equate to over $25million USD per year
  • Across our global landscape, Sharpsmart employs over 1000 staff
  • This is just where we are today… our vision is pretty big and our commitment is unwavering… we’re not finished yet.