Our Pride

We see our success as the sum of the individuals that work with us; those that carry with them every day the spirit of innovation and service that Sharpsmart was founded on.


Our team consists of over 250 staff across the UK – from the far depths of South West England to the heights of the North East and beyond. But our global team expands further than the British Isles, with team members located across the globe from North America to Australia.

As a global business, we’re proud of the diversity that has been cultured in our teams and the cross-collaborative strength of working across borders. 






Sharpsmart Unmasked
We love a blooper reel.

We tried to conduct a series of serious videos that showcases our people and lets you know why you should join Sharpsmart. There are a few things in our DNA, but being serious in front of a camera isn’t one of them. Take a look at our blooper reel!

The Reason We Exist

Our founder and leader, Dan Daniels

In 1986, our founder Dan Daniels was introduced to a reality facing Australian nurses that he felt was too big to ignore, a rising number of needlestick injuries and the associated risks of HIV contraction. Working with healthcare practitioners, infection control experts, microbiologists and a team of highly skilled engineers, Dan innovated a solution – the Sharpsmart container, which in 30+ years is still unrivalled as the safest and only sharps containment system in the world that is clinically proven as a safety-engineered device.

Dan has tirelessly dedicated his life to building a company that would help eradicate needlestick injuries; he has injected into the business and its culture his passion of raising leaders, and he has set his strong personal values as the minimum benchmark to which we all aspire. We’re proud of our leader and his unwavering passion to impact lives; the tenure, calibre and values-driven focus of the Sharpsmart team is testament to his leadership.




Meet the Leadership Team

Dan Daniels

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Neil Robinson

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Carl O'Neill

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Kate Chambers

Executive Project & National Excellence Manager View Linkedin profile
Words from the Leadership Team
Whatever role you're in, you're not restricted.

With a collective tenure of a very long time, our Leadership Team have seen Sharpsmart grow from a small seed into the enormous garden of opportunity, growth and talent that it is today. Hear from our Senior Leaders to see just where Sharpsmart can take you.

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