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Sharpsmart Sharps Container Safety Features

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Efficiency and Movement

Sharpsmart’s patented engineered accessory systems are designed to optimise space, overcome logistical challenges, and enable point-of-use disposal. Providing safe cradle to grave waste management, the Sharpsmart suite of mounting brackets, trolleys and carts ensure that sharps and waste collectors are always suspended from the ground, and their engineered mobility provides safe bedside disposal and seamless movement between different work environments and applications.


Sharpsmart's range of mounting accessories enable interchangeable wall, trolley or mobile cart mounting for point-of-use placement and safe accessibility of sharps collectors. Bulk wall mounted storage within a ward’s utility room enables quick interchange of clean and full collectors, and our small-footprint stands give versatility to all space-restrictive areas. The process of mounting ensures collectors never touch the ground and remain uncontaminated in a clinical environment.

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Within the hospital environment, the positioning and access needs of sharps collectors vary from ward to ward; from dialysis to critical care, from surgery to cardiology, from clinical to a hospitals' waste compound, our interchangeable accessories cater for seamless risk-free movement across an entire facility. With an intelligent suite of accessories that enable point of use mobility, and maneuverability of single or bulk collectors in tight spaces, no system in the world achieves the same labour, time and safety efficiencies in a hospital environment.

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Storage Optimisation

Sharpsmart's interchangeable containment systems are supported by a range of mounting accessories that ensure collectors are always suspended from the ground, greatly reducing the risk of cross-contamination. Designed to integrate seamlessly into the hospital environment, Sharpsmart's solutions include wall mounts, interchangeable trolley cradles, bench brackets, and bulk movement solutions sized specific to standard hospital corridors. Our versatile wall mounting systems for clean rooms, and bulk storage units for waste compound, ensure that valuable hospital footprint is preserved, and the interchange of full and empty containers is seamless.

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