Lid Openings

Sharpsmart containers feature two unique lid openings that compliment all types of healthcare environments in both the protection of patients and healthcare workers, and driving waste disposal efficiencies in fast-paced clinical settings. 

For sharps and pharmaceuticals particularly, safety and unauthorised access are both significant considerations when choosing a healthcare waste container. The Sharpsmart container's inbuilt safety tray design (aka our "regular container") mitigates both overfill risk as well as eliminating content access and ensuring the highest irretrievably standard in the industry. In secure areas however without unguarded patient access our full-opening "access plus" design enhances rapid deposition of sharps, cytotoxic waste and pharmaceuticals, while offering the protection of contents in permanent container locking and secure transit. 

When to utilise a Regular Sharpsmart Sharps Container 

  • In areas with non-clinical foot traffic permitted 
  • In wards and patient rooms where patients are unsupervised 
  • In all settings where safety or security is paramount 

When to utilise an Access Plus Sharpsmart Sharps Container 

  • In the OR where rapid deposition of sharps is required 
  • In secure non-patient areas where bulky items require disposal 
  • In pharmacies where exposure will be to authorised staff only

Both our Regular and Access Plus containers are designed with temporary locks for safe movements, permanent safety locks for irretrievably when full, a fill level panel to distinguish when contents have reached their maximum advised fill volume and a dovetail slot on the rear of the container enabling interchangeable mounting on all Sharpsmart stands, wall brackets and mobile trolleys. 





Safety Tray


The regular Sharpsmart collector is fitted with an engineered maximum sensitivity safety tray. The safety-tilt mechanism is activated by the weight of the waste in a single swing action, and releases away from the user to ensure safe disposal.

Access Plus

Unrestricted Access


Designed for secure areas where unrestricted deposit of sharps is required, the Access Plus collector features a full opening lid without a tray to provide full access to the collector. 


We place Safety First.

Our foremost priority is to match your facility with containers that will achieve the highest standard of safety and security for your patients and healthcare staff. If you’re unsure about what containers and lid-openings will be best suited to your facility’s care environment, please connect with us and one of our clinical experts will provide guidance against both your facility requirements as well as local and national regulations.