Our Global Brand

As a global brand operating in seven countries, Sharpsmart has become a brand name synonymous with safety, innovation and unstoppable vision. 


The Sharpsmart Logo

The name ‘Sharpsmart’ was assumed as our company identity in 2000, paying homage to our industry-leading sharps container. 

The lion icon takes its relevance from the biblical story of Daniel in the lions den. An inspiring metaphor, the historical story exemplifies the courage of a young man in the face of formidable circumstances holding true to his vision, and more importantly, his beliefs. The lion has been used in many ancient cultures as a figure of strength, balance and sound judgment, in the modern world as an icon of leadership and courage, and in nature as an animal seen to possess natural strength and dignity.

“Sharpsmart's visual identity captures the fluidity, innovative edge, and professionalism of this purpose-driven brand. With its name instilling our unwavering commitment to the continuinity of healthcare safety excellence, we are very proud of all that Sharpsmart stands for in the global healthcare industry”

Laura Wakelam, Chief Marketing Officer


Our Global Locations

Founded in Australia in 1986, Sharpsmart is now strongly established in six countries with a service model scalable to all sized healthcare facilities. Governed by local, regional and national regulators and industry norms within each country we operate, Sharpsmart has forged a strong credible name in healthcare throughout the United Kingdom, North America, Australia and South Africa for its innovative products, seamless service solutions, and safety/infection risk reduction focus.

“The 'Why' of Sharpsmart is a human-centred cause. It is to protect patients and healthcare workers, to save lives, and reduce the human and environmental risks associated with healthcare”

Dan Daniels, Founder & CEO


Understand more about our brand

At Sharpsmart, we feel our brand identity is an important reflection of our commitment to innovation and excellence; it articulates what we value; it serves as an avenue to tell our story; it visually interprets what inspires and drives us every day. To learn more about our brand, and the philosophy that sits behind it, download the Sharpsmart brandbook.

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