Working inside the four walls of healthcare

At Sharpsmart we drive change and value in clinical waste management by working alongside hospital and clinical staff within customer facilities. Through training, waste collection mapping and process improvement within the four walls, we directly influence safety, alter segregation behaviours, enhance efficiencies and drive substantial cost benefits for our customers.

Waste companies focus their attention on the waste compound where waste is picked up. The problem with this approach is that by the time waste gets to the compound, it’s too late to make any changes to costs, sustainability or staff wellbeing. Poor segregation or incorrect disposal of waste has already happened, injuries have already occurred, and the costs of labour, storage and over-categorised waste has already been expended. We start within the four walls of your facility to drive new behaviours that positively influence what gets picked up at the compound.

Prior to commencement of our partnership, Sharpsmart will undertake a review of your current waste plan and disposal trends to understand where there are potential gaps and opportunities for improvement related to your waste management procedures. In partnership with you, we develop a KPI strategy plan that will benchmark our service performance in delivering outcomes across the full spectrum of healthcare needs; safety, sustainability, efficiency, compliance and education.

Sharpsmart’s premium range of clinically designed safety products, segregation and training tools, and waste reduction services will deliver integrated value at point-of-care. Our ownership extends to the streamlining of waste stream movement, optimisation of waste storage areas, implementation of best-practice disposal and recycling options and introduction of strategies to reduce overall waste volumes.


Following identification of your KPI’s and contracted products and services, We will develop a bespoke training and education program designed to improve the competencies of clinical and portering staff in compliant waste segregation, safe handling methodologies and infection control. Our blended learning education methods ensure staff competency is achieved whilst minimising the time that healthcare workers are away from patient care.


Through our Partnership, we are committed to consistently validating our performance in line with the 5-needs of healthcare waste management. Through regular onsite department-level checks, audits, training and corrective action planning, we ensure that our services deliver against our mutually agreed KPI’s.


Following consistent compilation of audit data and contract performance (related to the 5 needs KPI’s from step 2), a review meeting will take place each quarter with key department leads to discuss and agree the strategy for the following quarter. Through this process, we ensure continual alignment of our goals and a clear understanding of performance.  




Our Solutions for Hospitals

We have walked thousands of hospital wards, consulted with hundreds of hospitals and healthcare facilities, and set some pretty high clinical and safety benchmarks for others to follow…. But we know we’re not there yet.   

Founded in 1986 we set our sights on global needlestick injury reduction; this was the core of our passion, and whilst we have evolved to become one of the most prominent global brands in healthcare waste management, safety is still our driving passion.  

Fast forward 30+ years later and we are proud to call ourselves a partner to healthcare – delivering safety, sustainability and efficiency transformation results across every sector of sharps and clinical waste management. We started as the “little yellow sharps container” company, and we’re pretty proud of this! But today we’re also very humbled by the fact that the UK healthcare industry has helped us evolve into a prominent voice and influence into clinically-driven total healthcare waste management. Today we are proud to work with some of the UK’s leading NHS Trusts and private hospitals, driving waste optimisation and sustainability initiatives at a clinical level. Our expertise is focused on clinically trained staff, optimisation and staff safety, and a focus on executing operationally to ensure that we drive consistent and reliable service across every facet of total waste management.  


Our optimum range of services for UK Hospitals


Safety engineered waste collection options for every waste stream and all volume requirements with inbuilt safety and security features.


A mobile point-of-use waste collection system designed for clinical staff that enables segregation at point of waste generation.


Delivering full visibility into waste segregation output, compliance risks and cost-impact, our auditing solutions enable corrective action to drive cost reductions.


Through mobile scanning technology, we can report on any waste containerisation that falls outside of compliance, environmental and cost parameters.


Our blended learning approach to education is tailored to train all clinical, admin and portering staff, all learning styles, and all mobility constraints.


Verifying ‘which bin does it go in’ has never been easier than with our online waste verification tool which categorises waste by item, contamination and bin type.


We can help you blueprint your waste goals in developing a bespoke policy that aligns with your organisation’s safety, sustainability and training objectives.


Together we benchmark goals, and together we achieve them. Every quarter we conduct a performance review to ensure alignment to our agreed KPI's.