Verify Waste Identification Tool 

Verifying “which bin does this go in” has never been easier with our online waste verification database. 


Think of Verify as your facility’s personal waste management portal! Customised reporting, bespoke education resources, your facility’s waste policy, waste output and audit reports housed in an easy-to-access location, and a comprehensive waste categorisation interface that enables clinical staff to instantly match waste with waste stream via a mobile device.


What is included?

Waste Categorisation Index

Waste stream designation at the click of a button with waste type and contamination parameters. 

Waste Policy

Inbuilt search capability to identify rules unique to your facility’s waste policy and written procedures  

Monthly Reports

Waste output and audit reports unique to your facility

Resource Centre

Centralised access to SOPs, order forms and education material

5 simple steps

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If you’re interested to understand how Verify could optimise waste navigation and compliance for your facility,
we would love to connect and set you up with a demo of the Verify platform!