Dental Waste Disposal

Clinical and hazardous waste disposal solutions for Dental Practices


Sharpsmart is equipped with the solutions to compliantly handle and dispose of any dental waste including clinical, sharps, amalgam and hazardous wastes. With safety at the forefront of our offerings, more dental facilities are choosing us to deliver customer centric and clinically focused waste management services. 



We offer personalised dental waste disposal and containers that cater to every sized dental facility and waste stream. Our management solutions are designed to optimally handle all dental waste streams in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, providing the safest sharps containment systems for the reduction of sharps injuries, spill kits, amalgam separators, waste containment for clinical, mercury and other hazardous wastes, and effective training and waste categorisation to achieve clinical waste volume reduction and landfill diversion. We also understand the regularity at which hazardous dental amalgam needs to be disposed and can provide expert advice in securement and compliant handling.

As a highly regulated industry, dental clinics and surgeries produce different hazardous wastes to other healthcare services, and it's essential to have expert advice not only in the handling of such waste, but also in correct and compliant segregation, storage, containment and disposal. With global recognition for the safest clinical waste and sharps containers and a team of highly trained staff who work across healthcare to drive a paradigm shift in clinically focused waste management services, our partnership is time-proven to attain the highest standards of safety, environmental sustainability and infection control. Supported by 30 years of experience in healthcare, and comprehensive education and compliance services, we ensure your staff are protected and your facility's risk exposure is minimised.


Specialist Dental Wastes we manage 

  • Mercury Containing Wastes | Dental Amalgam
  • Silver Containing Wastes | X-Ray fixer and developer and unused Films 
  • Lead Containing Wastes | X-Ray lead foil 
  • Chemicals, Disinfectants and Sterilising Agents 
  • Sharps, Offensive and Infectious wastes 


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The safest and most environmentally responsible sharps management system


Designed in collaboration with clinicians, the Sharpsmart has 13 unique safety features which protect staff and patients in the handling and disposal of sharps waste; with global recognition in peer review journals, it is regarded as the safest sharps containment system in the world. 


Dramatically reduced costs by customised scheduling, reduction in needlestick injury management, larger container options for volume efficiencies, and eliminating the need to purchase and dispose of single-use containers. 


Save time and labour and minimise infection transfer risk by disposing and segregating sharps waste at point of generation. Sharpsmart's range of accessories include wall mounted or mobile solutions to ensure safer handling at point of care. 


Anti-tamper mechanism and odour lock seals ensure contents are sealed from spillage and unauthorised access. The Sharpsmart containers' robust build makes them inpenetrable from protruding needles. 


Choosing reusable collectors instead of disposable dramatically reduces the volume of plastic and cardboard being sent to landfill


Sharpsmart's mounting and movement accessories are engineered to optimise space, overcome logistical challenges, provide bulk movement and storage of sharps collectors, and enable point-of-use disposal without the collectors ever touching the ground. 


How Can Sharpsmart Help?


World-class clinically designed containment systems optimised for safety, sustainability and efficiency.

Proven cost-reduction initiatives | 30% reduction in operating costs, 65% decrease in labour. 

Experts in compliance | We navigate the red tape for you. 

Safety and Infection Minimisation is achieved through clinical products and expert advice in placement and training.


"Exceptional Training..."

For a number of years I have had the pleasure of having Sharpsmart as a service provider and throughout the years I have been impressed with their commitment to customer service. We have not only been the recipient of good quality service, our staff have been provided exceptional training by informative and dedicated staff. Our questions and issues are always addressed in a timely manner and the team at Sharpsmart have always gone above and beyond our expectations.

Catherine Lockwood, Manager – Customer Support Services

Joseph Brant Hospital

"Good Value for Money..."

We've used Sharpsmart for over four years - their products & services are excellent and good value for money.

Clare Topping, Energy & Sustainability Manager

Northampton General Hospital

"Reduced Clinical waste by 58%..."

From switching over to the Sharpsmart system: in a 12-month period, we reduced our clinical waste by 58%. That in turn saved our organisation nearly £7,500 

Steve Egbert, CHESP, General Manager

Sodexo, Crittenton Hospital Medical Center

"We can count on Sharpsmart..."

Implementation, staff education and after sales service is of high quality. We can count on experienced staff to address any situation we encounter.

Solange Arseneau, New Product Coordinator

Vitalite Healthcare

"Reducing Needlestick Injuries by 50%..."

The Sharpsmart program has been extremely successful in reducing our needlestick injuries by 50% and their service capability can’t be beat. We are a two hospital system and have enjoyed our decision and their success and will continue to use them.

Paula J Fasick, Director of Materials Management

Upper Chesapeake Health