Pharmaceutical Manufacturers 

Looking for a single vendor to handle
all pharmaceuticals and controlled substances?


Sharpsmart’s expertise in pharmaceutical waste management extends to direct large-scale specialist collections of pharmaceutical product from pharmaceutical manufacturers. With safe and cost effective energy-from-waste solutions in place for the disposal of non-hazardous pharmaceuticals, Sharpsmart can offer environmentally friendly solutions for the collection, transportation and disposal of pharmaceuticals whilst protecting the brand and risk profile of UK businesses. 


Sharpsmart is focused on the Protection of our customers’ brand

Working with pharmaceutical distributors, drug manufacturers and large facilities disposing of expired or unused medications, our focus is always the mitigation of risks for the brands and healthcare facilities we partner with. Our national collection, treatment and disposal services are designed to provide full traceability and proof of destruction for all pharmaceuticals including bulk expired medications, recalled or damaged product, narcotics, cytotoxic waste and injectables. 


We are passionate about green technology 

As a company, Sharpsmart are passionate about innovation that lessens environmental impact, and our pharmaceutical collection solutions are demonstrative of this. In contrast to standard industry methods that utilise clinical waste incineration to dispose of non-hazardous pharmaceutical waste, our green approach takes high temperature incineration out of the treatment cycle, and replaces it with an energy recovery solution that generates electricity for local communities. All waste is treated in accordance with the waste hierarchy, enabling a green treatment solution that is not only cost effective, but also reduces burden on the environment.



Products and Services we Provide to Pharmaceutical Manufacturers


Clinically designed waste collection systems with inbuilt locking mechanisms


Single use, plastic lined cardboard boxes


Collection and treatment of new, damaged or expired pharmaceuticals


Collection and treatment of controlled substances


Chemical & Liquid Waste collection and treatment services


Solid Waste services for general and hazardous waste

Mitigating Risk through Secure tracking of the collection and disposal process


Sharpsmart's fleet of vehicles are tracked with geo tracking and fencing technology. As part of our commitment to customer risk management and service excellence, we do not employee owner/operators. All transportation staff undergo security clearance checks and are trained to ensure all regulatory requirements are met. 


Our service model is designed to achieve 100% ownership and security of waste from the time it leaves a customer facility and is transported, through to final treatment; our cradle to grave responsibility ensures that customer risk is managed, full transparency is provided, and destruction is tracked and recorded. 


Our trained compliance and regulatory experts work with you from account setup to final disposal to ensure each individual waste stream is being managed according to regulations. 


Unique customer reporting is available to help customers effectively manage their waste volumes and segregation outputs, together with Certificates of destruction. 


Unnecessary sorting fees are eliminated with our team working on site to ensure correct packaging and transportation requirements are met. 


Licensed to handle bulk pharmaceuticals whilst providing secure collection systems to support small care facilities or single-site pharmacies, Sharpsmart is equipped to service all sized facilities across the full spectrum of healthcare waste services. 

Our process of engagement

"Exciting Redefining Technology..."

I regard these containers as one of the most exciting developments in sharps containerisation for many years.

Terry Rings, Infection Control

South Auckland Health, New Zealand

"Willing to go the extra mile.."

Sharpsmart's service is excellent; their staff have a strong knowledge of clinical waste management and are always willing to go the extra mile to assist in any operational issues on site

Louise Wood, Estates Officer

Cumberland Infirmary

"Market Leader for a Reason..."

Sharpsmart are broadly recognised as the market leader. Having worked with them for 8 months I can see why. You get what you pay for, Excellent!

Chaz Scholefield, Waste Manager

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King's Lynn NHS Trust

"Over and above service..."

We are more than happy to work with Sharpsmart. Nothing is a problem and this was recently demonstrated when one of our terminally ill patients wanted to be treated at home. We could not have done this without Sharpsmart who provided us with the necessary equipment, out of hours so the patient could have their wish list. 

Steve Bell, Waste Manager

James Cook University Hospital

"Protects our staff, our patients..."

I could not have asked for a better transition to a product. The Sharpsmart sharps collector allows us to protect our staff, our patients and our visitors as well as our environment. 

Jack Rupert, Director of Environmental Services

University of Louisville Hospital