Data Accuracy

Data is an integral part of any strategy, helping you to conduct root cause analysis, target the right areas and implement the right process, and solutions. Wondering how you can use accurate data to support and optimise your waste management?



Plastic Reduction

Everyone is talking about plastic reduction but it's difficult to know how you can actually implement this strategy. So let us take you through some simple solutions that will drive significant results for your healthcare setting.



Sustainable Procurement

Are you looking to procure sustainable solutions for your healthcare facility but are unsure where to start? Let us explore some simple steps that will enable you to hit your procurement strategies and support your route to net zero.



Waste Optimisation

Waste optimisation isn't as scary as it sounds. Not only will it help in reducing your site's carbon footprint, the optimisation process will also help to drive both cost, and labour efficiencies. It's a win win!



Waste Segregation

Implementing a waste segregation strategy is a great option for sites that are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve the 20-20-60 waste split. Want to find out more?



Explore Net Zero For Decision Makers


Explore how Sharpsmart’s strategic approach to healthcare waste management benefits a variety of roles and helps decision-makers on the route to Net Zero. Our solutions work with existing strategies, promote safety, support infection control and hospital hygiene, move waste up the hierarchy and minimise costs.

Let's take a look at how we can achieve #NetZeroTogether