A Strategy for a Greener Future in Healthcare

Are you looking for strategies to reduce your organisation's carbon footprint?

Sustainable procurement is an effective strategy – it involves selecting products and services with proven environmental and social value that promote the principles of the circular economy and waste hierarchy. 

But how can you implement sustainable procurement strategies?

Here are some tips:

  • Engage in trial schemes to test the efficacy of a product or service.
  • Work with suppliers to prevent waste and minimise packaging.
  • Verify the environmental claims of manufacturers and suppliers.


By putting these practices into action, you have the power to drive real change and contribute to a more environmentally-friendly healthcare system. So why wait?

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A full site-wide audit aligns the solutions best fitted to the specific needs of your organisation with the 5 Rs of sustainable procurement.


Reusable solutions enable you to eliminate tonnes of carbon throughout the product life cycle – reducing overall waste volumes and your carbon footprint.


Examining the environmental impact of all life-cycle stages gives you a true understanding of a product’s carbon footprint – from raw material production to final treatment and disposal.

Reusable Sharps Containers - An Example of Sustainable Procurement

Let’s use reusable sharps containers as an example as they appeal to the first two of the five ‘Rs’ of sustainable procurement:

  • Reduce waste – one reusable sharps container eliminates 788 disposables from manufacture and incineration.
  • Reuse – Just like it says on the tin (or plastic), they’re reusable.


Speaking of plastic, they reduce your reliance on single-use plastic and as a result, significantly reduce your CO2 emissions across the entire product life cycle.

The "Impact on Life-Cycle Carbon Footprint" study demonstrated that annually for every 100 beds you could:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by 11.2 tonnes of CO2e.
  • Eliminate incineration of 3.1 tonnes of plastic.
  • Eliminate the use of 0.5 tonnes of cardboard.
  • Eliminate the manufacture 5,837 single-use sharps containers.
  • Save 153 hours in exchanging full sharps containers.




The Procurement Approach to Net Zero


Sustainable procurement is not a buzzword to throw around lightly – it has to be strategic and focused to work and help healthcare organisations reach Net Zero.

We work with teams within the four walls of the healthcare environment to develop and execute bespoke strategies designed to save money and reduce carbon emissions across the full life cycle.

We’re here to help you navigate Net Zero.