Case Study

Peterborough & Stamford

Since installing the Sharpsmart system the Peterborough & Stamford site has been able to take ownership of our sharps collections and stock levels on site. It has ensured that disposal is at point of patient care reducing risks of needle stick injuries. It has also provided a sustainable system that has saved the Trust financially too.

Dave Reavy, Facilities Manager at the Trust

The Challenge

Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust were also looking to improve their carbon footprint without compromising on patient safety. Both facilities were using single-use sharps bins, and whilst this met current guidance on disposal of sharp waste, they had the inherent problems of assembly, labelling and the use of temporary closure methods that are difficult to manage and enforce with any such system.

Our Approach


Sharpsmart undertook an extensive review of the types of container that both Trusts were using, as well as how many they were purchasing on an annual basis. This information was utilised alongside a hospital ward audit to provide a detailed installation plan for Sharpsmart’s safety engineered sharps system.


It was identified that, as well as the environmental advantages, the Trusts would also benefit from a reduction in needle stick injuries due to the inherent safety features of the Sharpsmart System, together with as a substantial reduction in the associated costs of procuring and disposing of bins.


Sharpsmart containers were introduced in 2014 and implemented across the entire site. At project commencement the safety engineered system was rolled-out and all disposable sharps containers removed in order to ensure that the new system was fully utilised. As well as providing a full-time porter and carrying out monthly audits to measure how well the system was being used, the Clinismart education solution was also implemented across the hospital with a view to educating staff to ensure all containers were filled effectively and helped save money.

The Solution

Once the waste needs of Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals had been established, a consultation process was conducted to ensure front-line staff and the ultimate users of the system understood and approved the benefits of the system, and that it was implemented without any disrupting patient care. The Sharpsmart containers were then introduced to the Trust in 2012.

The Outcome

Sharpsmart helped Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust save money, enhance staff efficiency time and ensure a safer system of disposal, reducing their carbon footprint by a staggering 82.8 tonnes per year and diverting 14.84 tonnes of plastic from incineration and 1.3 tonnes of cardboard per annum.

Final sustainability impact results by partering with Sharpsmart:

  • CO2 reduction of 248 tonnes
  • Sharps waste reduction of 44.5 tonnes