The Clinismart system introduces a new cleanliness-driven standard of clinical waste disposal

The lack of infection control products and processes in the healthcare waste industry amplifies infection risks to healthcare workers in what should be the "cleanest", most "hygienic" and "contamination free" place on earth - a patient-care and healing environment.


It’s time to think differently about Hospital Clinical Waste.

The Clinismart is the UK's leading clinically designed containment solution for Clinical Waste disposal. Designed as a bagless and hands-free container, the Clinismart requires no manual touch or assembly, and undergoes a sanitisation process after each fill that achieves a decontamination level four times higher than the level prescribed by the CDC.


  • Touchless. Contactless. Foot pedal Operated
  • Fully sealed once full. No cardboard boxes, bag retrieval or assembly
  • Zero cross-contamination with “floor-resistant” design
  • Leakproof and tamper-proof with inbuilt safety locks
  • Robotically sanitised to 106 bacterial load kill after each fill
  • Mobile segregation of sharp and non-sharp clinical waste at patient bedside with mobile trolley design 





The Clinismart Container is the industry's first infection-prevention designed solution for
clinical waste containment. Prioritising cleanliness, its unique features include: 


Hospital-Use accessories facilitate hands-free disposal into the Clinismart in a single foot action; in use and in transport the manual touching and handling of clinical waste is eliminated. 


The Clinismart does not require bags or secondary packaging and can be securely locked when full, thereby reducing labour, cross-contamination and waste handling risks.


Once full, the Clinismart is transported to a Sharpsmart facility and washed to a level of decontamination 4 times higher than required by the CDC, eliminating dirt residue and contaminants. 


Custom designed accessories automate secure soft-sound closure of the container lid once the foot-pedal is released, no touch required, no odours or unsightly waste in full view! 

Reduce your Costs

Adopting a clinically engineered container for clinical waste disposal can significantly reduce costs and waste volumes. 

A 3 year study examined the impact of a hospital transitioning from a 240 Litre bin to the 64 Litre Clinismart. Results showed: 

1. 53.2% Clinical Waste mass reduction + 65.2% waste volume reduction
2. 69.2% Labour cost reduction associated with logistics in handling waste
3. Clinical waste disposal cost reduction of 30.9% 
4. Bag cost reduction, and efficiencies in space and waste movement

We place Safety and Cleanliness First.

Founded as a safety innovation company, our touchless containers and risk-minimising innovation has radically shaped hospital waste management across some of the world's leading healthcare brands. Led by science with products designed in partnership with clinicians - Sharpsmart's clinically acclaimed containers lead the world in best practice waste containment.