Radioactive Waste Disposal

Cradle to Grave Security in 
Radioactive Waste Management  


With national service and processing capability, 24 hour security, and expertise in specialty waste streams, Sharpsmart is a trusted partner for collection of LLW incineration waste for all alpha, beta and gamma radionuclides, reducing the cost impact of long term storage. 



Sharpsmart provides a safe and affordable solution to the long-term storage of low level solid and liquid radioactive wastes (LLW). As an expert partner, we deliver educated advice on the most effective collection and transport options to ensure cost minimisation and realise the economic and environmental benefits of lowering the volume and mass of radioactive waste collection. In the collection and handling of all hazardous waste streams, we work directly with our customers to review, analyse and streamline their waste contents to ensure compliance, and in the case of radionuclides, identifying radioactive materials into three primary categories – Alpha, Beta and Gamma. Post categorisation, we deliver limit-testing, recommend safe containment options, and then finally organise transport and incineration appropriate to the waste stream.

For hospitals, universities and teaching facilities, and laboratories, Sharpsmart has experience managing solid and liquid radioactive wastes, and across the full life cycle of its containment and processing, ensure that we protect the risk exposure and regulatory compliance of our customers' cradle to grave responsibility. With geo-tracked vehicles, expertly trained staff, processing vehicles monitored by 24-hour security, and traceability reporting that delivers proof of destruction, we take our customers' gradle to grave responsibility seriously. 



Protecting your Cradle to Grave Responsibility


We ensure that all containment, transport and treatment processes align with regulatory requirements and provide expert guidance in correct record-keeping of radionuclide collection and destruction


We ensure your staff are confident and educated in accurate identification of waste, compliance documentation and regulatory reporting 


Our containment solutions ensure waste is secured and free from leakage, exposure or cross-contamination 


Our vehicles and clean processing site are monitored by 24-hour security and supported by expertly trained staff