We start with you.


No two healthcare facilities are the same, but all share a fundamental objective – to deliver the best patient outcome possible through a safe clinical approach that is environmentally friendly. This is where we start…  Challenges that have been commonly associated with healthcare waste management include:  

At Sharpsmart we have combatted all of these challenges through a partnership approach that doesn’t “turn up at the waste compound” but works clinically within the four walls of your healthcare facility. We have identified five areas of need that are the cornerstone of a successful clinical waste management partnership, these are safety, sustainability, efficiency, education and compliance. All of our services are focused on how we drive successful outcomes in all of these five areas. 

We want to know your challenges

You may be surprised by some of the questions we ask, it’s not “how much waste volume do we need to pick up” or “how big is your waste compound”. The first questions are what your goals are and how we partner to serve them. 

We have skin in the game from the start

When we shake hands, it’s a partnership and all of us, from our sales staff to clinical educators and operational logistics, hold ourselves accountable to driving successful KPI’s and site-based outcomes for your facility. 

Drive change where the action is

Change doesn’t happen in an office over a negotiating table, it's in the clinical environment when we walk the wards, talk to clinicians and understand real factors that drive cost increases and occupational risks.

Safety & Sustainability are key

Sharpsmart is the only sharps container peer reviewed in the world’s leading medical journals, and we have been internationally recognised for our CO2 emissions reductions in UK healthcare facilities.