Our Clean Processing Facilities

Sharpsmart has established an impressive service network to ensure the highest level of customer service, scheduling flexibility and seamlessness of operations is achieved. Our clean processing facilities are positioned across the UK to ensure timely and undisrupted service, and our facilities are designed to ensure the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene are maintained. We are very proud of our facilities and of our operational staff that take 100% ownership of safety, compliance and cleanliness in the handling of high risk wastes.  


Robotic Washing Technology 

All Sharpsmart facilities are outfitted with a robotic 'Washsmart' container cleaning machine. The fully automated Sharpsmart sanitisation process is engineered deliberately for microbial overkill. The three actions in the process: physical, detergent, and heat, render containers free of pre-wash contamination and hygienic for reuse while having negligible impact on the environment.



We have high quality security cameras installed at all locations to ensure complete visibility of all operations. As guardians of the cradle to grave waste responsibility of our customers, we take no risks in the safeguarding of high risk wastes, including pharmaceuticals. We have an ongoing commitment to train and educate staff, with on-site management to monitor plant activities. 


Tracking Technology 

Sharpsmart has its own fleet of trucks. All vehicles are designed for optimum efficiency of waste collection depending on the type of facility being serviced, and are equipped with state-of-the-art GPS tracking technology. 

"I was blown away..."

I have been in the NHS for 14 years it's the first time that I've experienced Sharpsmart. I visited the plant and was blown away with the systems in place to manage and contain waste appropriately. 

Alison Potts, Facilities Manager

Walsall Manor Hospital