Sustainable Operations

At Sharpsmart, we minimise Greenhouse gases primarily by offering reusable
sharps and clinical waste containment systems that minimise a significant amount of energy
by eliminating the manufacturing, movement, treatment and disposal of disposable containers.

In operations nationally through product manufacturing, transport
and performance, we also continue to drive initiatives that will reduce
environmental impact and global warming potential.


Some of our green commitments are: 
  • Use route optimisation software to reduce our delivery vehicles’ fuel consumption 

  • Favour production companies that have GHG reduction policies (our current injection-moulder is ISO-14001 certified) 

  • Recycle broken/unusable parts from all our factories (in the last year we reduced our Production Scrap Rate from 19% to less than 5%) 

  • Have energy reduction strategies at our offices and factories (Lights off, Air-conditioning off, when not required) 

  • Continuously redesign new machinery and products to reduce energy, water and product consumption.


Our new generation robotic washlines: 
  • Increase water recycling from 60% to 80% 

  • Use environmentally friendly detergents efficiently dosed through controlled system. No harmful chemicals 

  • Decrease additives usage through more efficient metering pumps and misting-delivery 

  • Reduce energy in hot-water production through use of plate heat-exchangers