Our Treatment Processes

Sharpsmart offer bespoke solutions for each of our customers, each one tailored to their individual needs and goals. When it comes to waste treatment, as we aim to make a difference within the four walls of the hospital we do not operate our own waste treatment facilities in order to work in the best interests of our customers. 

Due to the nature of clinical waste, treatment via sterilisation or incineration is required to remain safe and compliant and there are a number of options available. After optimising waste within a facility it is imperative that Sharpsmart utilise licenced, reputable and sustainable methods to treat waste. 

Through careful selection and robust monitoring procedures we only work with partners and utilise technologies which can ultimately deliver a cost effective service, which is proven to offer environmental benefits. This includes insisting that partners do not send any waste to landfill, either directly or through the disposal of waste treatment by-products. 

Equally important is securing the required capacity for waste treatment, at the right price and for the duration of a contract with a customer. This approach guarantees the required capacity with the security that Sharpsmart will not be exposed to commercial risk through unforeseen price increases or market pressures. 


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