Sharpsmart: Industry Leading Safety and Sustainability Waste Management Solutions 

Sharpsmart are the leading experts in safe and compliant waste solutions, with over 20 years’ experience working in healthcare waste management. With an education scheme tailored to your practice which will support and empower your staff, prioritising your patients care and empowering your staff. 


Sharpsmart has long been challenging the unsafe and old-fashioned practices of sharps and clinical waste management - with little healthcare worker safety value. Sharpsmart has guided a new standard of risk prevention by putting inherent safety, intelligent movement, and clinical design at the forefront of innovation. With the intelligent movement of our containers, caregivers can dispose of sharps and infectious waste at point of generation, putting safety first. 

Every healthcare facility is unique, with individual needs for each departments – to deliver the best patient outcome possible through a safe clinical approach with medical waste solutions tailored to your facility.