Cytotoxic Waste Disposal

What is Cytotoxic Waste? 

Cytotoxic waste is waste associated with cytotoxic drugs which contain chemicals toxic to the cells. This includes materials, equipment, and residue that are contaminated by cytotoxic drugs.


Reliable and simple solutions for Cytotoxic Waste Management

With the safest reusable containment system for Cytotoxic and Cytostatic Waste in the United Kingdom that minimise cross-contamination and infection risk, more healthcare facilities are looking to Sharpsmart for safe, sustainable and cost-effective cytotoxic sharps and waste disposal solutions.  



Reduce Costs and Environmental Impact of cytotoxic waste disposal

Our range of containers for cytotoxic / cytostatic waste are the most secure and "best-looking" in the UK. Safety-engineered for the collection of sharps and soft cytotoxic waste, each security-locked container is designed to protect staff and patients from cross-contamination and content retrieval. Falling under EWC code 18 02 07, cytotoxic medicines must be segregated from other pharmaceuticals and be securely disposed of. The classes of medicines in this classification include cancer chemotherapeutics, antiviral medicines, ciclosporin medicines and certain hormonal preparations including prostaglandins and androgens. 

With mobile point-of-use segregation of sharps and soft waste contaminated with cytotoxic agents achieved through our specialist containers and mobile accessories, we ensure that your facility achieves compliance in correct waste disposal, and drives efficiency and cost-reduction through labour utilisation. Where possible, Sharpsmart opt for alternative green treatment methods and our use of reusable containers dramatically reduces the carbon impact of healthcare facilities managing multiple waste streams. 


Safety within the four walls

Our partnership happens WITHIN your facility, not over the phone. We work with your team to determine the most efficient and safe management methodologies for your cytotoxic waste including training, storage and segregation tools, having a complete understanding of your current waste management processes, training capabilities and site restrictions. Our Tracsmart Waste Tracking tool ensures container placement, movement and segregation are optimised, producing data on container fill efficiency and insights to drive better segregation. As your full healthcare waste partner, we provide total transparency through the service and disposal process to uphold your cradle to grave responsibilities and, through our licensing and compliance expertise, safeguard the safety risk and regulatory responsibility of all sized healthcare facilities.


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Which container do I use for my cytotoxic waste?


Cytotoxic Sharps

Our yellow range with purple lids are designed for cytotoxic / cytostatic contaminated sharps. These come in three sizes designed with and without a safety tray.

Cytotoxic Soft Waste

Our light grey 64 Litre container is designed for the collection of all cytotoxic contaminated soft waste such as aprons, IV bags & lines, soiled gloves and dressings.

Sustainability and Safety in Cytotoxic Waste Management


Stop paying to throw away bags, boxes and disposable containers; our reusable containment systems eliminate excess waste and the procurements costs associated with purchasing single-use containers


Save time and labour by disposing and segregating waste at point of generation. Our reusable containers eliminate labour associated with box assembly and remove the need to double-package for transport. 


Our clinically designed containers have built-in seals which minimise odours, cross-contamination and prevent leaking of any free-flowing liquids


Mobile cart and foot pedal operation accessories enable point-of-generation waste disposal, alongside our rigorous 6-stage robotic wash and sanitisation process to minimise infection

"Willing to go the extra mile.."

Sharpsmart's service is excellent; their staff have a strong knowledge of clinical waste management and are always willing to go the extra mile to assist in any operational issues on site

Louise Wood, Estates Officer

Cumberland Infirmary

"Sharpsmart's impact on efficiency..."

NCUH has been working with Sharpsmart for a number of years and have found the service to be first class. The information received about each product, along with savings made , have been great. Staff have been outstanding in assisting us with any issues we have had and resolving in the quickest time

Nicola Little, Transport Services Officer

North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust

"Smooth Transition, reduced sharps injuries..."

Most people within the NHS will look back and wonder how we managed without Sharpsmart. The planning that went into ensuring that transition was smooth was well worth the effort, resulting in fewer staff needlestick exposures and sharps injuries.

Specialist in Infection Control

James Paget Hospital

"Market Leader for a Reason..."

Sharpsmart are broadly recognised as the market leader. Having worked with them for 8 months I can see why. You get what you pay for, Excellent!

Chaz Scholefield, Waste Manager

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital King's Lynn NHS Trust

"Sustainability is Incredible..."

We've used Sharpsmart for over four years. The traceable sustainability of the Sharpsmart containers is incredible.

Clare Topping, Energy & Sustainability Manager

Northampton General Hospital

How Can Sharpsmart Help?

World-class clinically designed reusable containment systems optimised for safety, sustainability and efficiency.

Proven cost-reduction initiatives | 30% reduction in operating costs, 65% decrease in labour.

Experts in regulatory compliance | We navigate the red tape for you.

Clearly segregated solutions for cytotoxic waste, compliant labelling and expert training to facilitate correct disposal.

Safety and Infection Minimisation is achieved through clinical products and the provision of expert advice in placement and training.