Healthcare Waste
Reduction & Optimisation

Working within the four walls of your facility to reduce environmental impact and lower overall cost.

One of the fundamental causes of waste-associated cost inflation is poor segregation, captured by the simple analogy that a water bottle disposed of in a clinical waste stream is going to be a lot costlier to dispose of than in its rightful waste stream – a general waste bin. At the center of our passion is not only to create a safer environment through correct appropriation of waste, but also to minimise environmental burden through solutions rooted in sustainability.

Our within the 4 walls approach is what enables us to deliver improvements in waste segregation, by placing ourselves at the heart of your facility we can identify and implement the necessary changes to optimise waste disposal from the point of production, through the entire journey until final disposal. In partnership with you, we create a waste optimisation program that hits all the high notes of lowering costs, reducing overall clinical waste volumes, reducing co2 emissions through recycling, reusability and landfill diversion, and creating a safer workplace for carers and patients. This is how we do it!




Training and Education

Partnering with Healthcare facilities to deliver onsite training and education that is simple and makes sense.


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Online Waste Verification

An online waste verification tool allows healthcare staff to quickly identify ‘which bin does it go in’ with a library of over 500 individual items and their corresponding waste index.


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Our Auditsmart program provides waste segregation and compliance auditing at a location level with comprehensive reporting that enables site-specific training and corrections to be made in a timely manner.


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Reusable Containers

Providing reusable containment systems that eliminate the manufacture, and plastic landfill of hundreds of thousands of disposable sharps and clinical waste containers each year.


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Innovative Accessories

Innovation-forward mounting, floorstands and trolleys that enable accessibility to encourage correct point-of-use segregation.


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Our bag to bedside system provides a simple point-of-use disposal methodology that ensures the right waste is disposed of in the right bag, enabling effective segregation at source.


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Vacsmart Shrinkage

Our innovative Vacsmart shrinkage technology dramatically reduces waste volume by up to 80%


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Results Accountability

Through KPI setting and performance validation of our mutually agreed contract goals, we ensure that you have full visibility over your facility’s costs and waste volumes.


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