Vacsmart Waste


The Vacsmart waste shrinking system is proven to shrink clinical and offensive waste volumes by up to 80%, eliminating odours and eradicating infection risk.


With the average large healthcare facility generating 12 kilos of waste per patient per day, factors influencing waste containment including space, infection, outbreak containment, portering labour, and spillage risk become important clinical considerations. The Vacsmart resolves all of these variables by offering a mobile compression and hermetically sealing packaging solution that safely contains infectious waste and reduces waste volumes by between 50-80%. 

The Vacsmart system is fully portable and can be deployed within all areas of small, medium and large healthcare facilities such as doctors, surgeries, dentist, outpatient clinics, nursing homes, operating room, general and isolation wards, or any area where high volumes of waste present an infection control, storage or logistics issue.



"Invaluable clinical benefits..."

We use the Vacsmart system on multiple wards for both clinical and general waste and have found it to be extremely effective in helping to reduce waste volumes. As well as being environmentally-friendly, the system also helps to reduce waste movements and “portering” time – invaluable benefits for any healthcare facility.


Yeovil District Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

How Vacsmart Works

Some of the other amazing outcomes we have seen as hospitals across the UK have adopted the Vacsmart system


Activated carbon filter eliminates odours


Sterile filter eliminates cross-contamination of airborne viruses


Reduces waste stream storage and the requirement for bulky containers


Eliminates spillage and liquid leakage risk     


Portablity enables point-of-use disposal and containment


Less movements frees up portering staff to be redeployed.


Safer to handle and transport for downstream staff


Liquid and airtight parcel eradicates downstream cross-contamination

We’d love the opportunity to show you what the Vacsmart system can do for your facility.


Beyond being the most engaging medical device ever created (it’s pretty fun to watch!), the Vacsmart system has proven incredible results in healthcare facilities across the United Kingdom and we are excited to grow its clinical reach to see more widespread infection risk reductions. To book a free, no obligation demonstration with a Vacsmart specialist, please contact us today!