Ambulance Services 

Efficient clinical waste and sharps disposal solutions for ambulance services 


Whether you are a private ambulance service or operate through the NHS, Sharpsmart can provide you with clinically-focused total waste management. We understand the complexity of safe sharps and clinical waste management solutions tailored to your needs; We understand the complexity of safe sharps and clinical waste management in your fast-paced field; let us handle all of your clinical waste requirements so you can focus on helping others



We recognise that the environment of ambulance services requires a clinical solution that minimises infection risk, and ensures safety at each step of handling healthcare waste. Our 30+ years in healthcare has helped us define innovative sharps, infectious, offensive and pharmaceutical waste solutions that reduce waste, increase safety and dramatically improve efficiencies in clinical waste handling! When we partner with healthcare facilities, we first start by understanding your needs and then come up with a customised plan designed to optimise your overall waste management service. As a team, we are passionate about ensuring all clinical and portering staff are equipped with educational resources and guidance on proper compliance and waste segregation. Through our bespoke education offerings we help our customers feel confident in their waste management process, which in turn improves waste segregation and lowers total costs.


With safety and sustainability as our primary drivers, Sharpsmart has developed solutions that ensure overall waste reduction for any waste generator. The more waste than we can reduce, or correctly segregate, the less waste goes to landfill and becomes an environmental burden. One of our premium waste reduction solutions is our Verify Waste Identification tool. This program assists healthcare providers in categorising pharmaceutical waste and ensuring correct disposal by waste stream. The Verify tool is an intuitive portal that can calculate your P-Listed weight, deliver email alerts on regulatory changes, increase accuracy of pharmaceutical disposal and more. With over 30 years of experience in healthcare, Sharpsmart has the solutions, licensing and compliance expertise to protect the risk exposure and regulatory responsibilities of UK ambulance services in the management of all clinical and non clinical waste streams. 



The most innovative and cost-effective waste solutions for UK Ambulance Services.


Sharpsmart's unique services deliver substantial cost savings. Our reusable containers eliminate the manufacture, purchasing, assembly and disposal costs of boxes and disposable containers, removing a significant cost surplus from your clinical waste management.  


Sharpsmart's movement and mounting accessories enable sharps, clinical waste and pharmaceutical containers to be positioned at point of care, enabling safe hands-free deposition in a fast-paced emergency or patient care environment. Options include wall mounting, bench mounting, static stands and mobile trolleys.


Our reusable sharps and clinical waste containers undergo a rigorous 6-stage robotic wash and sanitisation process that eliminates challenge organisms and proves a 106 Log reduction in bacterial load.


Our ecologically designed solutions positively impact sustainability targets, minimise landfill through waste reduction solutions, and help reduce CO2 burden for healthcare facilities.


Foot pedal operated accessories eliminate hand access and minimise odour expulsion; our vacuum bag sealing technology contains infectious waste from cross contamination, and clinically designed containers with inbuilt safety trays and secure locking mechanisms ensure potentially harmful or infectious waste is concealed.


Experts in navigating the complexities of local and national regulations pertaining to each clinical waste stream, Sharpsmart partners with healthcare facilities to ensure compliant practices are achieved through all waste management practices, and facility risk exposure is minimised.

"Good Value for Money..."

We've used Sharpsmart for over four years - their products & services are excellent and good value for money.

Clare Topping, Energy & Sustainability Manager

Northampton General Hospital

"Exceptional Training..."

For a number of years I have had the pleasure of having Sharpsmart as a service provider and throughout the years I have been impressed with their commitment to customer service. We have not only been the recipient of good quality service, our staff have been provided exceptional training by informative and dedicated staff. Our questions and issues are always addressed in a timely manner and the team at Sharpsmart have always gone above and beyond our expectations.

Catherine Lockwood, Manager – Customer Support Services

Joseph Brant Hospital

"Reduces Risk..."

The Sharpsmart system has become an integral part of the way we work at South Tees. It is efficient, easy to use, and reusable, but overall it is safe. Our staff have it embedded into their daily routine so that they can deliver care in a safe environment whilst also reducing the risk to themselves and others.

Steve Bell, Sustainability leader/Waste Manager/Health & Safety Advisor

South Tees NHS Hospitals Foundation Trust

"Service is First Class..."

NCUH has been working with Sharpsmart for a number of years and have found the service to be first class.

Nicola Little, Transport Services Officer

North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust