The Sharpsmart Difference


  • We provide sharps and clinical waste containers designed by clinicians for clinicians! 
  • All containers sanitised through a world-leading robotic washing / decontamination process. 
  • Waste reduction and segregation initiatives reduce costs and improve carbon footprint  
  • Scheduling that supports your practice – you pay only for what you need
  • Eliminate disposal-related needlestick injuries with our advanced sharps safety systems 
  • Eliminate the purchase, incineration costs and landfill of one-time-use disposable containers
  • Local Reliable Service, Local Drivers, Local Treatment. No third parties 


  • Offensive and Infectious Clinical Waste Services 
  • Safe Biohazardous Sharps Disposal 
  • Pharmaceutical Waste Services 
  • Hazardous + Cytotoxic Waste Services 
  • Bespoke Education, Waste Audits and Segregation Training


Sharps and Clinical Waste Management in Warrington


Nestled midway between Liverpool and Manchester lies Warrington, voted the number 1 best place to live in the UK for 2021 and it’s easy to see why. Rating the highest in job prospects, affordability, and quality of life, Warrington offers a huge range of opportunities to both residents and visitors alike.


Emerging as a medieval market town in the Middle Ages, Warrington expanded into a more urban area during the Industrial Revolution. It is part of a green belt region that aims to encourage recreational activities and so plays host to beautiful landmarks like the River Bollin, St Oswald’s Church and multiple gardens, parks and museums.

Despite its strong industrial roots, today Warrington has cultivated its own unique character as a town with plenty to see and do. For families, Gulliver’s World is an absolute must - this theme park and resort is perfect for family fun bursting with attractions and rides for all.

If you’re looking for something more relaxing, Warrington is home to beautiful scenic spots like the Bridgewater Canal and Walton Hall and Gardens, a beautiful landscape with an Elizabethan-style hall and ornamental park. The gardens have a children’s zoo for a fun afternoon visit! If you’re looking to be completely immersed in flora and fauna, the Moore Nature Reserve is just a quick 10-minute drive away and has a stunning walking trail allowing you to get back in touch with nature.


Beyond sightseeing, Warrington has some incredible healthcare history; in 1992 - Graham Copeland, assistant medical director and general surgeon at Warrington Hospital, devised the possum equation to predict the likely outcome of a surgical procedure. This is now used by medical professionals around the world.


How is Clinical and Infectious waste handled in Warrington?

Clinical and Infectious waste disposal is a specialized waste stream that requires handling by an accredited and experienced waste management company. Sharpsmart has been partnering with NHS Hospitals, Trusts and patient-care facilities for more than 20 years, providing access to safety-designed reusable containers for sharps and pharmaceutical waste, as well as cradle to grave waste collection and treatment services for all waste streams generated out of a healthcare environment.

As a partner, we recognise the critical role we play in being the “expert” – helping our healthcare customers navigate compliance and regulations, providing guidance on best practice waste segregation and environmental benchmarking and being able to deliver expertise in the creation of waste plans, auditing and evaluation of segregation efficacy, and creating facility-based waste education programs that provide clinical understanding of safe waste disposal and multi-stream segregation.


Protecting the Safety of Healthcare Workers in Warrington

With 5 servicing facilities across England, we provide waste collection and disposal services across the United Kingdom. Our scalable business model and safety-designed containment systems means that our solutions are equally perfect for a veterinary clinic as they are for an NHS Hospital! Providing expert management of everything from dental amalgam to chemical waste or expired medications, here are some of the facilities we provide clinical waste management services to:

  • Surgery Centres
  • Cancer Centres
  • MedSpas and beauty clinics
  • Dentists and Veterinary clinics
  • Walk In Centres and Ambulance Services 
  • GP’s and Doctors Clinics
  • Universities and Laboratories
  • Hospitals, Trusts and Frameworks  





We’re not your standard clinical waste disposal company – here’s how we’re different:  

  • Understanding the critical role we play in supporting patient care, we focus on quality, service excellence and reliability
  • As a zero-waste focused business, we help our customers implement waste reduction strategies to reduce costs and drive sustainability goals
  • Success starts and ends with people; we provide Clinical Waste Education to upskill clinical staff on best-practice safety and waste segregation
  • We boast the safest clinical waste containers in the world! (Big claim, but we can back it up!)
  • We don’t just sign and run; we agree on KPI’s and then work with you to audit and measure results.
  • Our people are simply amazing. Just wait until you meet them!


Sharpsmart’s Waste Optimisation Solutions are designed to reduce clinical waste, divert plastic from landfill and significantly reduce costs


It really is simple maths – you take general trash and put it in a regulated waste stream like clinical waste, and you will quickly find that you’re paying a lot more for disposing of a pepsi can than you should be! At Sharpsmart we work from the inside out in understanding what is driving waste disposal behaviour. We audit bins, we map movement flow, and we work with clinical staff to deliver education that is simple to follow, doesn’t detract from patient care and is, quite simply, intuitive! Beyond compliance, here’s what else being savvy with waste segregation will deliver:

  • Massive environmental impact and reduced CO2 emission reductions!
  • Minimise risk of pharmaceutical misuse or unauthorised removal
  • Safety for downstream service staff in handling high risk waste streams
  • Substantial cost reductions in eliminating over-categorised waste
  • Confident staff contribute to a culture of environmental and compliance ownership  


We are confident in delivering waste segregation programmes that work just as well for NHS hospitals as they do for GP's or dental clinics. Engage us for a free consult today to see what Sharpsmart can do to transform your clinical waste management.


Sharpsmart understands the needs of healthcare facilities in Warrington.
Contact us and see how we can help your facility better manage your sharps, clinical and pharmaceutical waste disposal.


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We service locally.


Less than an hour south from Warrington straight down the M6 is our Stoke clean processing plant which is the hub for all local waste management services in Lancashire. Our team of qualified experts in robotic washing technology, bin sanitisation, waste holding and manifesting, and treatment ensure that as much care goes into the back end of waste disposal as the front end of clinical mapping and service support.


Where Sharpsmart was once known only for its flagship yellow sharps container, our range of services now cater for the expert management and treatment of all waste streams generated out of a healthcare environment with industry-leading non-incineration treatment technologies that brings new environmental governance to the healthcare sector. To learn more about our environmental approach to waste processing, take a peek under the cover of Sharpsmart’s industry-leading operations