The Sharpsmart Difference


  • We provide sharps and clinical waste containers designed by clinicians for clinicians! 
  • All containers sanitised through a world-leading robotic washing / decontamination process. 
  • Waste reduction and segregation initiatives reduce costs and improve carbon footprint  
  • Scheduling that supports your practice – you pay only for what you need
  • Eliminate disposal-related needlestick injuries with our advanced sharps safety systems 
  • Eliminate the purchase, incineration costs and landfill of one-time-use disposable containers
  • Local Reliable Service, Local Drivers, Local Treatment. No third parties 


  • Offensive and Infectious Clinical Waste Services 
  • Safe Biohazardous Sharps Disposal 
  • Pharmaceutical Waste Services 
  • Hazardous + Cytotoxic Waste Services 
  • Bespoke Education, Waste Audits and Segregation Training


Sharps and Clinical Waste Management in St Albans


If you’re travelling across Britain seeking the quintessential pub experience, look no further than St. Albans. Just a 20-minute train trip from London, St. Albans boasts Britain’s oldest pub, Ye Olde Fighting Cocks (yes, you read that right!) with enough ale and beer choices for any tippler. Of course, if the Fighting Cocks isn’t quite your style, there’s no need to fear - locals are spoilt for choice when it comes to going out for a drink, as St. Albans carries the title of most pubs per square mile in Britain.


Of course, drinking isn’t all the old town has to offer. With its rich history as the Roman city Verulamium, the St. Albans of today pays homage to its roots, naming their famed Verulamium Park after its ancient namesake. The park has a little something for everyone, with ancient roman remains for budding historians to examine, a boating lake and splash park for those who are aquatically inclined and even an outdoor gym to motivate physical activity. Verulamium Museum also resides on the outskirts of the park, offering more insight into what the Roman city was like in ancient times.

As a historic market town, St. Albans has one of the largest markets in South East England, featuring over 160 stalls selling local produce and handmade giftware alike. It’s where you can also find the grand Cathedral and Abbey Church of St. Albans, a magnificent structure dating back nearly a thousand years. As the oldest site of continuous Christian worship in England, the church draws in visitors from far and wide every year.

Combining all of the above with their fantastic healthcare, it’s no wonder St. Albans been named as one of the best places to live in the UK on numerous occasions.



Changing healthcare waste up in Old Verulamium


There is so much that inspires us in this city of Roman dwellings. From the ancient Waitling Street to the Ye Olde Fighting Cocks Pub, St Albans has been a fixture in our company growth over the last 17+ years as we’ve worked with hospitals and healthcare facilities transforming their healthcare waste practices from ancient to modern.

Sharpsmart was established with a core vision of “making healthcare safer” and in our short history we have never deviated from this vision, in fact, we have strengthened it. From reusable sharps containers that ushered the healthcare industry into a new safer way of sharps waste management, to our revolutionary Clinismart education system, Sharpsmart has always led the way in clinical innovation. Like the rich history of St Albans, we have used history as a guide not to limit us, but to inspire us to a modern incarnation of best practice.


How we drive clinical impact in St Albans healthcare facilities

  • Clinical Education | we drive waste outcomes at a clinical level, delivering e-learning, bespoke training and compliance tools to segregate efficiently
  • Safety-Engineered clinical waste containers | delivering needlestick injury reduction, minimizing pharmaceutical security risk and protecting patients and frontline clinical staff
  • Waste scheduling and pickups that make sense | appropriate to the waste streams and waste volumes your facility is generating
  • Local Partnership | our passion and our commitment is to release healthcare facilities to focus on patient care by removing obstacles
  • Green Sustainable Focus | reusable containers, ecologically-responsible treatment, waste reduction initiatives – we are committed to achieving the lowest environmental burden possible.


A single waste partner that can go the distance.

Sharpsmart is often associated with the yellow sharps containers that have become intrinsically linked with our brand identity, but what you may not know is that we offer so much more than reusable sharps containers! We are proud to partner with hundreds of Hertfordshire healthcare facilities delivering total waste management services. This includes:  

  • Provision of clinical waste containers for sharps, anatomical waste, cytotoxic waste, pharmaceutical waste, dental amalgam and chemicals
  • Training that supports clinical knowledge and best waste segregation practices
  • Waste audits to drive cost reductions and focused waste output reporting
  • Pickup, disposal and treatment of all healthcare waste streams
  • A team of expert compliance, transport, treatment and clinical specialists that can help you deliver best practice across every stage of your waste management process.  



Hospital Waste Management | We’re rocking to a very different tune!  

Traditional waste management practice has seen hospital waste management reduced to a price per pound picked up at a hospital loading dock. There has been little consideration given to clinical impact, the safety of frontline clinical staff (and patients), and the potential within the four walls of the hospital to drive waste reduction strategies that will drive cost reductions and environmental impact. Until we came on the UK healthcare scene…

Throughout our 17+ year partnership to UK healthcare, we have seen incredible safety and environmental impact through our unique solutions and consultative approach. Back of dock waste pickup is just 10% of what we do in pursuit of “healthcare waste management”; the other 90% is transforming waste handling safety norms, driving education and training to deliver better segregation, optimizing space, movement and storage through space-minimizing container solutions, delivering astoundingly high results of CO2 emission reduction, plastic reduction and environmental burden reduction through our reusable solutions and green-aligned processes, increasing reporting and traceability of waste through innovative scanning technology, and achieving a lower total cost of ownership for the hospitals we work with. To understand more about our Four Walls Approach, visit our hospital page here.



Sharpsmart understands the needs of healthcare facilities in St Albans.
Contact us and see how we can help your facility better manage your sharps, clinical and pharmaceutical waste disposal.


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We service locally.


An hour from St Albans is our Reading clean processing facility which is the interchange for our truck fleet servicing St Albans hospitals, nursing homes and primary care facilities. Established in 2006, our Reading facility boasts a revolutionary robotic washing technology for cleaning and sanitising sharps and clinical waste containers, together with refrigerated storage and green treatment technologies for waste processing.

As we have grown, we have been very conscious of not losing the heart of why we were first founded – to make healthcare safer. And this vision demands a disproportionate level of focus on customer excellence and the commitment to deliver a service that upholds attention towards quality patient care. Our team are local, passionate and absolutely dedicated to ensuring every interaction with Sharpsmart, from the driver that picks up your waste through to our compliance team and final waste destruction reporting, is seamless and attains to the highest levels of customer experience. Learn more about our operations here.