Safer Sharps Disposal.

A modern approach that reduces the risk of sharps injury.

Sharpsmart transforms your sharps waste management strategy so that daily risks to clinical staff are minimised.


We have designed a systemic approach to sharps waste management that not only equips you with a clinically-engineered sharps container system but encourages safe disposal behaviours among clinical staff. We understand how important it is that healthcare workers have point-of-use access to a containment system designed with a wide lid opening and overfill protection. As a partner, allow us to be your reliable healthcare waste management expert. With the #SharpsmartDifference you will experience:

  • Equipping your frontline clinical and support staff to be confident in sharps waste disposal and proper waste segregation
  • Access to what clinicians have deemed the "safest sharps container in the world", our Sharpsmart
  • Peace of mind that your Cradle-to-Grave waste responsibilities are cared for
  • Continued support as your sharps waste management needs change and evolve

You will find that our passion for innovative safety, labour reduction and the minimisation of cross-contamination risk are nothing short of transformative


A New Normal in Sharps Disposal

We approach clinical sharps disposal a little differently: with reusable sharps waste containment systems that are clinically-designed to protect users. Not only do our Sharpsmart containers resolve any supply chain and manufacturing dependency challenges, but they also enable hands-free "no-touch" sharps waste disposal - significantly reducing cross-contamination risk.



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To learn more about how our sharps waste management impacts healthcare workers by role click hereOR... if you're interested in understanding how Sharpsmart could transform the safety, costs, and efficiency of your sharps disposal, book some time in with one of our specialists - we would love to understand learn about your current process.