Here’s why.

Sharpsmart has always chosen a path of improvement over convention. Our uniquely designed and engineered clinical waste products and systems have benchmarked safer healthcare standards globally, and our definition of quality and value has always been judged against the yardstick of the lives we can save.

Our Story 

The story of Sharpsmart UK is not your typical narrative of a company starting out to make something quicker, easier or more economical; it started with a very earnest quest by an entrepreneurial engineer to reduce incidents of sharps injuries from clinical waste handling in healthcare.

Sharpsmart is committed to sustainability in the United Kingdom

Since 2002, Sharpsmart reusable sharps containers have resulted in...


"By converting to a Sharpsmart Collector, 
Container Related Sharps Injuries 
were reduced by 86.6%"

Peer Reviewed Study published in the American Journal of Infection Control


Knowledge Centre

As a clinical partner, we want to empower you to provide a safer environment for your staff, greater waste segregation outcomes for lower environmental impact, and a more efficient workflow. To do this, we have compiled some of our best resources to help you achieve safety in sharps handling and optimised clinical waste management within your facility.