Safer Clinical Waste Disposal.

Explore a clinically-designed container that reduces cross-contamination.

Sharpsmart is a national healthcare waste management partner with modern solutions to modern challenges.


Facility and clinical staff are at risk when handling or disposing of clinical waste; however, smarter solutions exist that help mitigate these known risks. Sharpsmart has operated as a safety advocate for healthcare workers for over 35 years. Our innovative approach, rooted in peer-reviewed studies and infection prevention strategy, allow for a safer environment for today's healthcare workers. Waste management should never be a stressor at the front of your mind. Our clinical experts optimise your current strategy and implement small, but impactful, changes that result in:

  • Waste volume reduction through improved waste segregation
  • Reduced patient interruptions 
  • Increased infection control with hands-free containment solutions
  • Reduced labour and phsyical strain on staff through mobilised waste containment 

We are challenging the traditional approach to clinical waste management. We are championing a safer and more sustainable option.

We can't wait for you to experience the #SharpsmartDifference.


Touchless Technology

The COVID-19 pandemic underscored the importance of reduced surface touches and the need for higher sanitisation standards. The Clinismart is a bagless clinical waste solution, that uses a foot-pedal opening mechanism - eliminating hand contact with the bin. This no-touch alternative results in a dramatic reduction in the infection transfer risk that currently exists using the traditional "bag and a box" or container assembly method. 


Explore A Change

Are you ready to embrace a new normal in clinical waste disposal cleanliness? Find out more about our transformative solutions.

Ready for Hands-Free Clinical Waste Disposal?

Our unique approach to clinical waste management benefits has a number of clinical benefactors, from facilities teams, to procurement, to infection prevention. To explore our impact by role, click here

However, if you're already envisioning the #SharpsmartDifference on your facility - schedule time with one of our clinical experts for a consultation. Our team takes the time to fully understand your current system and works with you to identify areas to optimise safety, costs, and labour.