Sustainability Designed For Infection Control

The NHS goal of achieving Net Zero has put added pressure on decision-makers to choose sustainable solutions.

Infection Prevention and Control specialists like yourself are continually working hard to hold hospital hygiene to the highest of standards. From environment disinfection, to promoting hand hygiene, and encouraging the use of PPE.

Finding a sustainable solution that also prioritises safety and works alongside existing strategies can prove difficult.

Especially when sustainable solutions are not always compatible with infection control principles.

So what should you be looking for from an environmentally-friendly solution?

  • Evidence of compatibility with hospital hygiene standards.
  • Measurable improvements in staff and patient safety.
  • Streamlined workflows with minimal staff behavioural change.


A true solution should fit seamlessly into your existing workflows and support your strategies, not hinder them.

If you’re looking for a safe route to Net Zero that prioritises hospital hygiene and infection prevention and control principles, get in touch.






Minimise cross-contamination risks whilst simultaneously reducing your reliance on single-use plastics by utilising reusable containment systems that offer touchless disposal.


Improve segregation efficiency and reduce cross-contamination risks through point-of-use waste disposal solutions - achieving safer sustainability outcomes with minimal staff behaviour change.


All reusables need to meet stringent quality control parameters to ensure complete microbiological sanitisation – without the use of environmentally harmful chemicals.

How Other IPC Teams Are Navigating Net Zero

Over the course of a 10-year partnership, Sharpsmart have helped the North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust improve staff and patient safety at the same time as significantly reducing their carbon footprint – resulting in:

  • A safer sharps management system in compliance with ANTT practices.
  • A significant reduction in disposal-related sharps injuries (0 reported incidents since installation).
  • The elimination of manually assembled sharps containers, further reducing the risks of sharps injury and infection.



The Infection Control Approach to Net Zero


We do more than provide sustainable healthcare waste solutions that are designed to prioritise safety and infection control – we’re here to help you navigate Net Zero.

Sharpsmart has over 20 years of experience collaborating with infection control experts to identify the ideal waste management strategies for their specific facility’s needs. If you’re looking for a safe route to Net Zero that prioritises hospital hygiene and infection prevention and control principles – speak to one of our experts.