Sustainability That Works With Existing Strategies

The NHS goal of achieving Net Zero has put added pressure on decision-makers to choose sustainable solutions.

Clinical Executives like yourself are continually working hard to ensure a safe healthcare environment and improved patient satisfaction. From clinical pathway and protocol development, to adopting new technologies, and evaluating clinical outcomes.

However, finding a sustainable solution that offers a cradle-to-grave service and aligns with existing strategies can prove difficult.

Especially when sustainable solutions are not always aligned with cost efficiency, patient satisfaction, infection control, and safety.

So what should you be looking for from an environmentally-friendly solution?

  • Systems backed by accurate data that can evidence your carbon reduction.
  • Minimised disruption to patient care.
  • Measurable improvements to staff and patient safety.


A true solution should fit seamlessly into your existing workflows and support your strategies, not hinder them.

If you’re looking for a transparent route to Net Zero with access to accurate data when you need it, get in touch.






You can significantly reduce your overall waste volumes and your carbon footprint by implementing reusable waste containers, eliminating the tonnes of plastic from the manufacturing and incineration processes.


A consultancy approach will enable your staff to benefit from education to develop the expertise required to execute the most efficient and sustainable waste management strategies that are optimised for your organisation.


It’s important you that have full, transparent access to accurate waste data in as little or as much depth as you require – and support generating high-quality reports that can be tabled at committee meetings.

How Others Are Experiencing Financial Benefits

Within 6 months, Sharpsmart helped Liverpool Women’s Hospital divert 40% of their waste from clinical to offensive streams and deliver a 45% cost saving.

The introduction of the Sharpsmart reusable system also enabled Trust to annually:

  • Reduce 56 tonnes of CO2e.
  • Divert 10 tonnes of plastic from incineration.
  • Save 10% on sharps management costs.



A Data-Driven Approach to Net Zero


We do more than provide sustainable healthcare waste solutions that are designed to improve staff safety and efficiency - we’re here to help you navigate Net Zero.

Sharpsmart has over 20 years of experience collaborating with clinical executives to identify the ideal waste management strategies for their specific facility’s needs. If you’re looking for an efficient route to Net Zero that offers transparency and improvements to staff and patient safety and satisfaction – speak to one of our experts.