Controlled Drug Destruction Kit 2L


The 2 Litre PolyGuard Controlled Drug Destruction kit destroys the controlled drugs compared to other similar products that only encapsulate (denature) the drugs. 


Once the water has been added to the PolyGuard controlled drug destruction kit, the contents will then turn to a semi-solid gel within 30 seconds. After the kit has been denatured, the chlorinating agent starts to dissolve the drugs eg tablets, and breaks down the active constituents within the drugs. 

Containing Activated Carbon, the PolyGuard system employs a chlorinating agent to break the chemical bonds of the active part of the drugs and after 48 hours the drug will no longer be active. Independently tested by the University of Hertfordshire, the kits have been found to destroy over 98% of the controlled drug tested. 

Product Code:
Dimensions :
167mm (H) x 128mm (diameter)
Total capacity :
2 Litres