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Modern healthcare waste management must be rooted in infection control - optimising not only costs, but safety too.

Partnering with Sharpsmart gets your more than standard hospital waste disposal. Our partnership includes that, of course, but we also work with you to completely transform your current healthcare waste management strategy - for the better. We understand the importance of authentic success and accurate data on your decision making. We are an all-in partner, currently supporting some of UK's largest health systems like Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospital, Bupa, Kings College Hospital and the Royal College of Nursing.

To fully appreciate how we operate within the four walls of healthcare, take a look at one of our case studies. Royal Free Hospital stated that they were experiencing several challenges with their current program. Sharpsmart listened to their pain points, created a strategy and reviewed our deployment plan with the Royal Free facilities manager and leadership for approval. Below is what we achieved.

Since the introduction of the Sharpsmart system to the RFL, the Trust has experienced a wide range of benefits across the board, including significant cost savings, a reduction in CO2 emissions of up to 90% in comparison to disposable burn bins, an improved patient and employee experience, reduced waste volumes and educational opportunities for all staff.

“Since installing the Sharpsmart system the Hampstead site has been able to take ownership of our sharps collections and stock levels on site. It has ensured that disposal is at point of patient care reducing risks of needle stick injuries. It has also provided a sustainable system that has saved the Trust financially too.”

Dave Reavy, Facilities Manager at the Trust

Similarly, Sharpsmart helped Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust save money, enhance staff efficiency time and ensure a safer system of disposal, reducing their carbon footprint by a staggering 82.8 tonnes per year and diverting 14.84 tonnes of plastic from incineration and 1.3 tonnes of cardboard per annum

Those were the results for Royal Free Hospital - what can we achieve for you? Our team of specialists invest the time in you to fully understand the needs of your facility, challenges, and what goals you would like to meet. If you'd like to begin a conversation today, click the button below. We're here and ready to listen.


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How Sharpsmart can drive a New Normal for your Clinical Execs


We create smarter strategy and systems to reduce your total costs. We achieve this through several combined methods like improved waste segregation training for all staff, eliminating single-use plastic containers when possible, and implementing reusable containers that are proven to reduce labour and waste handling.


A simple step towards improving your facility's patient-satisfaction scores is to remove clinical waste containers from the patient environment. We provide mobile clinical waste disposal solutions that enable sharps and clinical waste segregation at the patient bedside - significantly reducing interruptions for patients in the exchange of bins. 


All our reusable waste containment systems are categorised as Safety Engineered Devices - delivering 20+ inbuilt safety features to protect your staff and reduce container-related sharps injuries. All containers have a variety of bulk movement and mounting options that will result in reduced labour for clinical and Facilites Teams. 


With the second largest healthcare waste service infrastructure in UK, and years of collective experience and expertise in the clinical space, Sharpsmart is the unrivaled expert in infection risk reduction, sharps management and healthcare waste solutions. Serving thousands of UK facilities for 18+ years.

Our Impact Within the Four Walls of a Hospital

At Sharpsmart we drive change and value in hospital waste management by working alongside NHS and clinical staff within customer facilities. Through training, container placement and process improvement within the four walls, we influence safety, alter segregation behaviours, enhance efficiencies and drive substantial cost benefits for our customers. See our process in action!


Let's Explore Change Together

As your healthcare waste management partner, we will focus on ways to not only increase the safety of your entire staff but also how to optimise your overall strategy. Explore our full range of resuable healthcare waste containers by waste stream here or if you're ready to discuss your hospital waste management strategy goals around infection control, safety, and costs - book some time in with one of our specialists to learn how Sharpsmart can support you.