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20 Mar 2024

Sharpsmart Spotlight: Jennifer Clark

Hanging onto the side of a mountain for dear life facing the risk of death during a Via Ferrata Xtreme adventure is one way to stop worrying about the Sharpsmart livestock…

We want to take a moment to shine the spotlight on Sharpsmart’s vehicle modification enthusiast, one of our northeast Customer Service Coordinators, Jennifer Clark.


Who Answers the Phone for Northeast Clinical Waste Customer Enquiries?


Jennifer is a family-focused person who goes above and beyond for her loved ones. After a year in Leeds, Jennifer returned to Spennymoor to create a comfortable home with her partner and be closer to her parents. She finds a lot of joy in decorating her new home and tinkering with her bright green Fiat Abarth 695, affectionately named Apple.

Jennifer’s journey with Sharpsmart began in June 2023, a decision fuelled by her desire to make a positive impact in the healthcare industry. Growing up with several hospital experiences helps her bring a personal touch to her work, driven by the goal of contributing to the greater good.

Starting each working day with the crucial decision of who needs a brew (cup of tea), Jennifer then dives into paperwork to ensure all customer orders are updated and processed accordingly.

Jennifer’s role sees her showcasing her dedication to delivering excellent customer service through extensive communication with customers. Her days are a dynamic mix of coordination, communication, and problem-solving – she finds fulfilment seeing the tangible results of her efforts and meeting customer needs

Outside of work, Jennifer’s adventurous spirit shines through. Unfazed by heights, she tackled the Via Ferrata Xtreme adventure in the Lake District, navigating iron cables and footholds in the hope she didn’t forget to clip both safety clips at once.

So now that you have an idea of who Jennifer Clark is, let’s hear directly from her. We spent some time with Jennifer to better understand her Sharpsmart experience.


What were your first impressions of Sharpsmart?


Everyone I met seemed lovely and welcoming.

Also, it was a much bigger company than I initially thought it was, and now whenever I visit the doctor’s surgery or a hospital I always notice our bins, trucks, and reusable containers.


What do you enjoy most about working for Sharpsmart?


The people are a huge part, and learning about the healthcare side of things. I’m still amazed by the variety of waste types, where they come from, and the different treatment options there are.


Is there a customer moment that stands out as especially rewarding?


I spent a day on the road with one of the drivers on the Newcastle run and met my customers in person. It was great to speak to them face to face and see the service from their perspective and how much easier our containers make their lives.

I visited a lot of smaller surgeries that day, I’d like to go to a larger hospital site next like Newcastle Freeman Hospital where I had surgery as a child.


What’s the strangest request you’ve had to do whilst on the job?


I had a request to set up a home patient service as a one-off for anatomical waste because their foot was in the process of falling off and they needed somewhere to dispose of it once it did.


What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned over your career?


There’s no point stressing over something that can’t be changed once it’s done and no matter what happens or what you do, always be kind


What’s the most fulfilling thing you’ve done with Sharpsmart?


Knowing that what I’m doing is making an impact everywhere we service. I have a lot of friends that work as doctors and nurses and getting their perspectives on the impact Sharpsmart has in their lives is very rewarding.


What does growth look like for you and your dept/team/plant?


A big part involves everyone understanding and learning each other’s roles so that we can get better at helping each other do each aspect of the role. That way, if someone’s away sick or on holiday we can cover each other effectively.

When it comes to my personal growth, I’m already seeing how I’ve gone from only speaking to people at Spennymoor to now covering Stoke and Normanton too.


How would you describe the culture at Sharpsmart?


It’s kind, and it’s relaxed in the sense that everyone’s very accepting of one another.


If you could dispel one myth about the healthcare waste industry, what would that be?


It’s not just a one-step process, there are about a million steps and it’s a lot more complicated than you might assume.

For example, when you put waste into a bin you might think that’s it, but looking at the process including things like our Washsmart and the treatment process, you see there’s a lot more to waste disposal than putting it into a bin.


What advice would you give someone looking for a career with Sharpsmart?


Just be yourself and you’ll do well, as long as you’re kind and passionate about what you do, you’ll grow.


If you were abandoned on a desert island, which three Sharpsmart colleagues would you want with you?


Rebecca Mason, she’s like the mum of the group – she’s got a cream for everything and always has a plaster handy. She’s even got a sewing kit in her drawer just in case it’s ever needed! Robbie Marshall, because he can make a joke out of any situation. Ryan Adair, because no matter what happens he always has a positive outlook.


Bonus Question: If you had to write a book tomorrow, what would it be about?


All of the random quotes I say throughout a year.

An example is when Chris Wilkinson came into the office asking about our livestock (meaning our containers) and I asked if he meant pigs and sheep. I’ve never lived it down and there’s now an ongoing debate about how we use the term livestock.

I had been wondering why we had a spreadsheet for sheep…


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