Sharps Injuries in USA Health Care Facilities


Authors:   Grimmond T & Good L

Publication:   Association of Occupational Health Professionals in Healthcare 2014; 34 (1): Pages 13-15



What was the study? 

In the study: ‘EXPO-S.T.O.P. 2012 Year two of a national survey of sharps injuries and mucocutaneous blood exposures among healthcare workers in USA Hospitals’, a survey of top ‘sharps safe’ occupational health professionals was carried out to ascertain BE incidence in their hospitals for the 2012 calendar year.


What were the results?


Sharps Injury incidence

Sharps Injury (SI) incidence was shown to have risen when compared with previous EXPO-S.T.O.P., EPINet and MADPH databases.
The following figures show SI per 100 occupied beds for all hospitals covered in the relevant surveys:

  • 2012 EXPO-S.T.O.P.: 28.2
  • 2012 MADPH: 24.0
  • 2011 EXPO-S.T.O.P.: 24.0
  • 2011 EPINet data: 19.5
  • 2001 EPINet data: 22.2


Best Practices

Low-exposure hospitals were found to be proactive in implementing continual education, communication, investigation and engagement regarding sharps injury management.

Sharps injuries fell immediately following the Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act (NSPA) of 2001. However it is disturbing that the 2012 EXPO-S.T.O.P. incidence of 28.2 per 100 occupied beds is higher than the 22.2 rate found among the 58 EPINet hospitals in 2001."



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