Written by Megan Chamberlain
17 Dec 2020

5 Naughty List Healthcare Waste Handling Habits

Similarly to all of us, 2020 has thrown a wrench in Father Christmas's normal operations. Not only is he busy making sure the Elves are wearing appropriate PPE - he has to now work in extra delivery time to make sure he's sanitising his sleigh between each house on Christmas Eve! We volunteered to help out Kris Kringle this year by spreading the word on what healthcare workers can do to not end up on the Waste Handling Naughty List.


Oh yeah, there's a whole other list! You didn't think Father Christmas had just the general one, did you? The man tracks everything. A bit creepy if you ask us...


And you may be wondering, why does Father Christmas care if you are handling waste safely? Well, he needs you and your colleagues to be as safe as possible so he can maximise the cookies and milk left out - of course. 


We on the other hand, we just want to live up to our mission of Making Healthcare Safer. So without further ado:


The 5 habits that will land you on the Healthcare Waste Handling Naughty List are:

01 / Touching waste without gloves

02 / Pushing waste down into a container with your hands

03 / Placing orange bag clinical waste and clear bag waste into the same container

04 / Placing items on top of or above sharps containers (like phones, or instruments)

05 / Placing sharp objects anywhere besides a sharps container


Now, if you read through that list and thought to yourself, "Oh no, I'm getting a lump of coal." Don't worry! There's still a few days before Christmas and we have the tips to help you turn this year around.


And if you don't celebrate Christmas - no worries. Safety is always in season for everyone!


Now let's break down the healthcare waste handling habits one by one and what you need to do to end up on the "Nice List."


01 /

Naughty Habit: Touching waste without gloves

This puts you at infection risk and then you may then spread that risk around the clinical environment - it endangers everyone. Clinical waste is considered hazardous for a reason!

Nice Habit: Always wearing gloves when handling clinical waste and changing or disposing of gloves before leaving the area of waste handling.


02 /

Naughty habit: Pushing waste down into a container with your hands

This creates a large risk for cross-contamination or injury to your hands!

Nice Habit: Proceed pushing down waste cautiously and safely. Under no circumstances do you use your hand! This is one of the most simple ways to protect yourself from injury or infection.


Learn about the hazard of container overfill


03 /

Naughty habit: Placing orange bag, clinical waste (i.g. saturated gauze) and clear bag waste (coffee cups) into the same container. This creates improper waste segregation that not only adds unnecessary risk to anyone handling the waste, but could inflate your costs of disposal.

Nice Habit: Use separate carts/containers for clinical waste and clear/general waste. Your clinical waste container should be labelled as biohazardous - this will increase the likelihood of proper waste segregation and handling.


04 /

Naughty habit: Placing items like phones, pens, or medical instruments on top or above sharps containers. Items can fall into clinical/biohazard bins by accident and can (and should) only be retrieved manually by your waste management partner.

Nice Habit: Stick to placing items on counters in patient rooms and clinical environments. Everything has a place for a reason - as only biohazard waste goes in the biohazard bin.


05 /

Naughty habit: Placing sharps anywhere but in a sharps container

Nice Habit: Even if your sharps container is at capacity and locked out of use, find an alternate container. Never leave a sharp on the counter, table, or bed in a patient room. Always monitor the full level of the sharps containers and if necessary ask for a container exchange if you are close to reaching the fill level.


And there you have it - 5 habits you can implement to ensure you and your staff are handling waste as safely as possible.


Waste Management Safety is Always in Season

With over 30 years of experience, Sharpsmart is a year-round advocate for safe healthcare waste practices. We understand that clinicians and public health employees often face a fast-paced environment - which is why we partner with you to provide innovative containers and educational resources to make clinical waste management easy. If you want to get a jump on your "Nice List" activities for 2021 by exploring our clinically-designed waste bins, reach out to us today.


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