Written by Megan Chamberlain
10 Mar 2020

Don't be basic - go reusable

Let’s be reflective for a moment; 2020 is a new year after all. Dubbing something or someone as “basic” may be a phrase we’re leaving in the last decade but what does it really mean at this point? In the past, it was typically used as a way to demean something popular – like, Pumpkin-Spiced Lattes. I think if we’re going to keep the phrase “don’t be basic” going into the new decade, it needs a little rebrand! From this moment forward, the new definition of "basic" will be "anything that negatively impacts others or the environment.


For example, choices that aren’t sustainably focused are definitely basic. We’re all hyper-aware that our planet is in a bit of peril right now. On an individual level there’s a few things we can do to turn the tide but truly the big movers and shakers and everything makers of the globe have to be on the same page that ecological ethics will come first.


So, what’s basic going into 2020:

  • Not caring about the planet
  • Fast fashion (RIP Forever 21)
  • Avoidable single-use plastic. Like straws, produce bags, and sharps containers.


You probably don’t think about single-use healthcare waste containers as much as straws but maybe after this blog you will!

If a better solution exists, wouldn't you choose it? Why continue purchasing something that you're just going to use and throw away? Single-use sharps containers are basic. Sharpsmart offers innovative reusable healthcare waste containers for a variety of waste streams like clinical waste, sharps, cytotoxic and more! Not only is it the safer solution, it's a premium one - and your clinicians deserve the good stuff.

Sharpsmart was founded on the mission to make healthcare safer for clinicians by reducing the risk of sharps injuries and lowering the environmental burden of healthcare waste. We’ve been in the healthcare waste management game for over 30 years and work with over 4 countries. Our passion for both safety and sustainability go unrivaled.

Not only do reusable sharps containers reduce plastic going to landfill – they save gas, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions. This is sustainability 101: greenhouse gases bad, ozone layer good. As with any good argument, we have research to support our statements.


A Reusable Sharps Container Reduces 50 Tonnes of Plastic Waste Annually

In this study, researchers examined the impact of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions on nation-wide transport distances when a large Health system converted to reusable sharps container. We learned after 12 months of the reusable sharps container’s implementation at a large Health System that:

  • Large reusable sharps containers transport distances lessen the differential between disposable sharps containers and reusable sharps containers GHG, however, reusable containers still achieved significant GHG reductions over disposable containers.
  • Transport & electricity cleanliness are key factors in GHG of sharps waste management.
  • Reusable Sharps Containers lifespan has minimal effect on carbon footprint comparisons of container-types.
  • Purchasing decisions can significantly contribute to Healthcare Facilities' GHG-reduction strategies.
  • Institution-wide adoption of reusable sharps containers can reduce GHG with minimal staff behavior-change.


The biggest takeaway from that study was that by “converting to reusable sharps containers, Loma Linda reduced its annual GHG and annually eliminated 50.2 tonnes of plastic disposable sharps containers and 8.1 tonnes of cardboard from the sharps waste stream.”


You know what else is basic? Not caring about staff or patient safety when it comes to sharps injuries. The Sharpsmart container is proven to reduce risk of sharps injuries by over 80% and peer-reviewed to lower the risk of infection during disposal. The Sharpsmart container has over 20 safety features that were designed from clinician feedback.


Impact of Sharpsmart container use in 2-year study, 14 hospitals who implemented our system:


You have the facts

Now get out there and make better choices when it comes the healthcare waste management! Don't be basic and choose the outdated option that adds to the already insurmountable environmental burden our planet is facing. Consider partnering with Sharpsmart to move your sustainability initiatives forward. If you're unsure how to start - we're here to help. Contact us today for a consultaiton on how we can help you reduce your carbon footprint.

You deserve more than a single-use solution - you deserve something that's going to stand the test of time while protecting you. Sharpsmart is committed to being your healthcare waste management partner and providing you with premium safety solutions that protect your staff, patients, and the planet.


Want to go green with Sharpsmart?


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