Written by Josh Glover
10 Apr 2024

Small Space, Big Impact: Ambulance Sharps Disposal

In the heart of Northeast England, there’s an independent ambulance service and training provider who has taken a bold step…

By introducing Sharpsmart’s reusable sharps containers, Nerams Ltd has become the first private ambulance service in the UK to implement this solution to provide a safer, more cost-effective and environmentally friendly sharps management system.

Nerams Ltd is a Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulated independent ambulance service, renowned for its multidisciplinary team and comprehensive range of healthcare solutions and operational activities, from emergency response to specialist care.

Nerams recently formed a new partnership with Sharpsmart, resulting in them transforming their operations and setting a new standard for ambulance services nationwide.

What did they do?


They Opted for Safety AND Sustainability


The Nerams team switched from single-use to reusable sharps waste containers, marking a significant shift in their operational efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Before this collaboration with Sharpsmart, Nerams relied on one-litre single-use sharps bins in their ambulances – a setup that seemed satisfactory until they started looking to enhance the safety and sustainability of their waste management.

Transitioning to Sharpsmart’s reusable system wasn’t merely about addressing existing problems – it was about envisioning a safer, greener future for ambulance staff, patients, and the environment, mitigating needlestick injuries and reducing the environmental impact of their operations.



Space Constraints Were a Major Concern


Nerams recently acquired a new range of vehicles and were looking at a different setup to their older ones, but new or old, ambulances have limited space and reusable waste containers are bigger than single-use bins.

However, the compact design of the Sharpsmart S14 reusable sharps container provided an elegant solution, minimising spatial footprint without compromising functionality.


More Than a Container, It’s an Entire System


At just 3.8 miles up the road, our proximity and prompt response made Sharpsmart the obvious choice for Nerams’ needs, facilitating a smooth transition from single-use to reusable containers.

Implementation was swift and seamless and Nerams had their reusable containers mounted on wall brackets in place and in use within a week, providing a user-friendly point-of-care disposal solution that doesn’t take up space on their workstations.

Nerams’ training providers visited our Spennymoor waste treatment plant for a walkaround and to receive training on the Sharpsmart system that they can roll out to all ambulance staff – as well as being provided with educational materials.


The Benefits of Reusables for Ambulance Sharps Disposal


The benefits were immediate and tangible, the system has improved safety and reduced the logistical burden associated with managing numerous single-use containers. The paramedics are much happier with the new system in place and have increased confidence in the safety of themselves, and their patients.

The brackets are living up to their reputation too, holding the containers safely in place, even on the bumpiest of roads and most rapid emergency responses.

Nerams’ switch to reusables also removes a significant amount of single-use plastic from manufacture and subsequent incineration. In terms of the disposing of the ambulances’ sharps waste, we’ve been collecting and swapping out full containers for new ones on an ad hoc basis.


Sharps Waste Management Is Just the Beginning


Nerams are poised to further enhance their waste management practices by transitioning their clinical waste management to Sharpsmart – consolidating operations and reducing their carbon footprint with one waste service provider for everything.

The transition to Sharpsmart for their clinical waste will see Nerams introduce the offensive waste stream throughout their ambulance fleet and further reduce their environmental impact.


Are You Looking for Safe and Sustainable Waste Management?


Whether you’re looking for help with your sharps waste, clinical waste, offensive waste or any other healthcare-related waste streams, we’re here to support you.

Our solutions are tailored to your specific needs and designed to reduce your environmental impact and costs whilst improving the health and safety of staff and patients.

Feel free to contact us and learn more about how Sharpsmart can help you get more from your waste management.



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